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  1. We have had a sleigh and several reindeer made from plywood for several years now, bought them at a garage sale so no idea how old they really are. The sleigh hasn't weathered very well so I needed to make a new one. I also wanted to make it easy to take apart and put together so we can store it indoors. The old one was all screwed together. We started with a sheet of exterior grade plywood and one of the old sleigh sides as a pattern. Which became a couple of these: And then this: I think the inspector approves First coat of primer on everything, a couple coats of white paint to come:
  2. Many of us know Jerry72 here on the forums. On 15 Sept he was involved in a head on collision the results being from the other driver who was drunk and has been arrested. Though I didn't set up the GoFundMe account it was sent to me and I asked LOR Admins for their permission to post it here. (granted) I wont get into his family but a little background is posted on the GoFundMe account and it is heartbreaking at best. For anyone that reads this that received face sequences from me and offered to donate to me, this would be perfect. I and many others here consider Jerry a friend. https://www.gofundme.com/jerry-thompsons-medical-and-family I am sure any contributions will be greatly appreciated. JR [Admin edit to correct date, as mentioned in future post.]
  3. https://www.digitalcitizen.life/print-large-image-multiple-pages-4-steps-using-microsoft-paint I found this quick article about how to scale an image to print on several sheets of paper. I took a a 400x400px image of a tree and printed it on six sheets which I'll then trim and tape for an outline to trace onto my coroplast sheet from home depot. I did it all with microsoft paint, freely installed with windows
  4. I had nine kids cry and was told off by one parent, overall a successful Halloween. 😁
  5. First, all new lighters should first fill in their profile as this information is very important in helping us answer your questions. Your software version and license level is one of the most important pieces of information needed as they can dictate what you can and can't do. This little piece of information can solve 50% of the questions asked in the forum. Second, when asking for help please give as much detail as possible. Type of controller, type of pixels/lights, number of pixels, voltage, network, distances and anything else possible, it's all important and can affect what is going on with your setup. Third, the Holiday season is going to start ramping up soon and this forum is going to get very busy. You won't see the veterans around as much as they will be busy setting up their own displays. The new lighters will seem like they are coming out of the wood work so the more info you can give us the faster we can help you solve your problem. Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question, if you don't know or are not sure then ask. I have been doing this for six years, (a newbie considered by others in here ?) and I consider myself pretty proficient but I still have questions and I ask in here all the time. The bottom line is help us help you, the devil is in the details.
  6. We let our extension cords grow wild. You all would be horrified if you saw them. Green cords, white cords, orange cords, red/white cords. All running willy-nilly all over the yard like a web built by a spider doing coke. The only cords we have labeled are the ones that are directly connected from a prop to the controller.
  7. All delivery carriers are aware that all deliveries go to the garage entry door. They walk by it every time they deliver to the front door. I think decorations to them are like candy to a baby. All summer long no problem but as soon as the props go up they lose their minds and start delivering to the front door, which just as you mentioned never gets answered or used. Ive got some horror videos as to why deliveries must go to the closer door as well as do their employers. I guess they think cameras are just part of a prop or something and all of the signs are printed in a foreign language. JR
  8. she had me at the horse pooooh aroma, she would never be able to sneak up on me.
  9. First thing I've won in years & years.... Hopefully just started a streak...
  10. After 12 months I may finally get my life back. Finally getting my 4th and hopefully final surgery on September 27th. Get a brand new shiny hip and for the first time in 12 months I will no longer be in pain
  11. Control the kids going into a show.... :)
  12. Ai: i know what you mean. Approx 5 years ago while i was setting up my display an older Gentlemen pulled up in a mini van to tell me about my display, between puffs of oxygen from his tank he let me know my Display gave him 1 more reason to live another year, I have not seen the Man again but i will always remember 1 more year even though setting up takes time and a lot of PAIN. So don't think what we do does not matter it does to Somebody. Because it gave them 1 more Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. 4 WEEKS !!!! 4 weeks (from yesterday) is the Central Oklahoma Mini. If you are interested in attending, please PM me and I'll add you to the invite list. We are getting a head count for charis/tables and food. So please contact me if interested. Thank you, Tom
  14. I go thru a lot of ties. Mounting my LED strobes took over 2000! There was one for each bulb plus some extras on each of the 40 strands https://vimeo.com/280309439 I will be sticking with the old fashioned ties.
  15. May be a good idea for some but not for me. Something else to carry around. Something else to misplace/lose. Different tension for different application throughout my display Cheaper with not buying it. Slows down progress (gotta handle the tool and material). and lastly, manually working zipties by hand has worked fast and flawless for decades.
  16. Here you go Bob. Added the brown Clock wire.
  17. Something like this should work. Obviously you can make each string whatever length that you want. Because the power and ground does not have to travel down and back up each hanging piece, the resistance is far less of an issue. Make sense?
  18. Here are a few of my 2018 videos. More of my videos can be seen here: http://www.buscochristmas.com/Videos.html I would also like to thank the forum members that have shared sequences. Wayne
  19. Buck268

    MP3 director

    After spending about an hour on the phone with dibblejr I'm now able to create my own sequences. After all these years, I now have new songs for my neighbors to listen to. It's funny how one little thing can get you wrapped around the axle. Still got lots to learn but, thanks to dibblejr I'm on my way...………………...
  20. I’m with Tom. Only gfci popping issues from using vampires and spt are when the connection is setting in a puddle, not once from snow. Worst part about vampires is that with some brands the plastic pieces are cut a hair too tight. So during take down I need a flathead screwdriver to separate the male and females. BE SURE POWER IS OFF!
  21. That's one piece of advise I always give to newbies. Figure out how many extension cords you need and then triple it. Then be ready to buy more.
  22. UPDATE: What I found out. The board had a prior owner. The 'config' was set to 98% Maximum intensity Range. Changing that to 100%, cured the issue (Wheeew!)
  23. drive 3ft x 1/4" rebar into the ground about 8". ziptie the middle rod of the tree to the rebar left sticking outta the ground. bamm. done.
  24. Well lets see i had about 20 kids cry 1 parent cussing about dropping a spider on them 1 parent almost dropped his expensive Nikon camera when i dropped the spider on him and gave out about 300 bags of candy . It was a successful Halloween
  25. Awesome walk-thru, just too much for me as I would need much more time to tear it down to start setting up for Christmas. The wife keeps wanting me to add more each year to Halloween but it's too much work to get it down and Christmas up in a month.
  26. All, Just wanted to take a minute and say its been a pleasure to be on this forum. Everyone is really helpful. I have so many questions (and more to come) and it really seems even though you all are working on your on awesome displays you take the time to help a new guy like me. At that reply’s are rather quick. Anyway hope at one point I get to the point of helping others like you all have helped me. Sincerely DOC (Greg)
  27. Introducing AutoFlip clipboard flipping tool for S5. This is a replacement for Clipboard Flipper which is still in use for S3 & S4 clipboard file formats. AutoFlip is still in Beta Release. It has been tested and all reported issues have been fixed. Please PM me or post here if you wish. This program watches in the background for new clipboards which you want to flip and generates the flipped clipboard without leaving the Sequencer and without clicking any buttons. AutoFlip can be downloaded here.
  28. My stuff finally arrived. 😃 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ubhm9y8gy92bof3/2018-10-26 16.16.44.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/7adqb954y66unxc/2018-10-26 16.12.05-2.jpg?dl=0
  29. JR, is one of the best. After taking time to assist me, problem was solved. Had to go get the Rubbermaid container from the curb and place it back in the shed. Thanks to all that sent me in the right direction and helped. Bruce
  30. Dang dude. That’s great of you to be thinking of her so much. Makes me tear up.
  31. The time it takes to upgrade a sequence depends on the number of channels in the sequence and the speed of your computer. But a sequence of 100 channels should upgrade in 10-30 seconds; and 1000 channels should upgrade in 1-2 minutes. If it is taking hours then something is hung up. Please open a ticket with the help desk and attach the sequence to the ticket. Thanks, Matt
  32. Yes, I agree with community service to a Childrens Hospital. It may give them a new perspective in life. This day and age the parental punishment that used to take place would land a parent in jail. "Spare the rod, Spoil the Child" ~ Samuel Butler Yep, I have all of those goodies to keep the bad guys out and the good guys in. But my back up plan for the bad guys is to give them some led poisoning should they get in my home. JR
  33. Many of us have used Ray Wu - http://www.aliexpress.com/store/701799 One thing. Don't use the Alibaba on line ordering system to place you order. Figure out what you want and make a list. Send Ray a message via the web site. Send him the list and ask for a quote. He will send you a quote that will save quite a bit on shipping.
  34. Massachusetts In Hingham, you may not have colored lights on your house (if it can be seen from Main Street) – white lights only. The state outlawed Christmas in 1659. So how many of you folks are in violation that live in the state of Massachusetts? If you want to read and see more on this and other states oddball laws that are still active on the books, here's the link to them: Weird Laws still active in the United States So find you state and see what idiotic laws are still on the books. Many of these will make you scratch your head and go, HUH? or just laugh at how stupid they are! And there are a lot of really zany and crazy ones. This should give you folks a good chuckle.
  35. I personally wish LOR would get rid of the black ones and just use the red, there would be less confusion since the red works for everything anyways.
  36. Time and Motion was awesome work, impressive.
  37. I was thinking because they haven’t received it at their house yet.
  38. I run one sequence looped. I use it as my ambient sound and light show for my haunt display. It's not transmitted through an FM transmitter but rather through nice powerful speakers for the full deep frequencies to vibrate the body and brain. It's not entertainment to be experienced from the car. It sets the mood for when you get out of the car to get your treat. The lights attract them like moths to a bug light. The music creeps their inner souls once they approach the house. Come get your candy kids....
  39. I'm glad you asked as well. I might have ordered a few more strands because I'm a bigger sucker for free shipping than Mega Arch.
  40. ***UPDATE*** Mission Accomplished, new DJI Mavic Pro in hand
  41. I'm in Ada. I'm going to start small and just do two or three songs. I've watched some videos and think I have a handle on getting my first show up and going. As well, I have a friend who just started with LOR last year who can help.
  42. As I think a few of us do, I develop all of my shows/ sequences etc. on a faster more powerful machine and then copy them to a "show" pc I have in my garage. I generally just do a copy of the entire LOR installation directory from one machine to the other via windows networking. I was wondering is it documented somewhere for version 5.3.6 exactly the best way to do this. i.e. a list of subdirectories that wil guarantee everything necessary is moved. If not could you let me know. I don't use sd cards or anything. It just occurred to me as I type this, as the hub utility gains more importance maybe a command could be added to it. Thanks Steve
  43. New neighbors at the old house parked on the street. It's legal, so I couldn't really complain. However, on Christmas Eve they pulled up 40 minutes before show time and parked in front of the house. It's not like it was the first night of the display, it was Christmas Eve. So I recorded a voice over that said due to cars parked in front of the display "we can not safely run the display this evening." About 10 minutes in someone yelled at them from their car, "Is your car in front of this house? He's not running the show because of it." (Baby monitors outside can pickup a LOT) They moved the car in about 20 seconds after someone called them out on it.
  44. Very well said. I am currently near the completion of a major electrical project (upping service to 200A, replacement main panel, some re-wiring in the house related to the new main, new 100A sub panel in the garage, complete re-wiring of the garage). I have called the city building inspector about a half dozen times with specific questions, just so I build it right - the first time. They have been more than willing to talk to me as they also want it done right the first time. When the inspector was out prior to the utility energizing the new main, we walked around the project and I asked him a bunch of questions about how he wanted parts of it done. He was happy to answer questions and either suggested things or told me of things I might not have been aware of. In theory next Sunday I should have the project completed and final inspection on Monday - WooHoo! And no, the service upgrade has nothing to do with my light show needing more power!
  45. Believe me, I have let the magic smoke out of a goodly number of devices. Not all were cheap ?
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