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  1. I will add this to the list of requested enhancements. Thanks for the feedback! Matt
  2. Forgive the audio quality - used my iphone from across the street. If you see the 2 errors - don't worry, already fixed them in the sequence. Let me know if you want a copy.
  3. My 16yo daughter programmed this song for our display.
  4. Lor has to be run in a linear configuration in other words daisy chained from one controller to another. However, the controllers do not have to be in numerical order so the order doesn't matter. You could start the cableing from the basement and order the controllers so the last is connected where you can connect your laptop at the end. When finished what you are wanting to do you can disonnect the laptop and move it to the basement, the beginning.
  5. Thank you. The entire family enjoys the show and my youngest (13) is working on Santa Baby.
  6. Got if figured out after doing a bit of research. Under the WiFi adapter TCP/IPv4 advanced settings I set the "Interface Metric" to a lower number giving the WiFi a higher priority than the Ethernet. Basically a "first come first serve" setting I suppose. Now my WiFi connectivity works like its supposed to without having to unplug the Cat5 cable. Thanks to all that took the time to suggest things.
  7. After years of watching fancy Christmas lights on youtube, this year I decided to take a stab at this and invested in a single 16 channel LOR controller to get a show up for our new house and the neighbourhood (anything to distract them from discussing who's cat or dog is pooping on whose lawn). Well as documented in my previous posts on the newbies forum I had nothing but trouble getting the show up and running, and I spent a fortune on lights which either didn't work, or wouldn't behave correctly. It got to a point where I was about to give up for this year and have a static display. But, one set of LEDs from Amazon, came, and by jove they worked, they flickered, they faded, they shimmered, and all of a sudden the mad dash to get Christmas right was on. Now I had hidden all of this equipment in my office in the back yard, as I didn't need my wife knowing what I had spent on lights, let alone importing the controller. But one day she walked in on me sequencing The Pogues Fairy Tale, and when I showed her the sequence she cried (having recently lost her dad she is having a tough Christmas) and was blown away. So I sat with her and discussed my plans to make Christmas "Go Off" (as the youth might say), and permission was given for me to get another controller to make some leaping arches, and sequence in our rope light star. I sat until 2 in the morning wrapping arches, then I spent 2 weekends putting up lights. Our show is just done with basic lights as finances and time didn't allow for me to go all out, but here I am with 32 channels, a wife, 5 kids, a full time job which has me travelling all over Europe during the week, and studying for my MBA, and I still sequenced my own lights. Is it perfect? no. Is it a little amateurish? probably. do I care? Hell no! It's all my own work, and I'm proud of what I've done. This is my first year and I only got my head into the LOR software in November, but it really isn't rocket surgery, and with a little help from Youtube (thank you John Storms, and LOR) you can create some pretty decent effects, which will have the neighbour kids dancing around and the adults actually getting out and meeting each other, rather than b*tching on the community facebook page. This place is an amazing resource, the help you get here is second to none, I get we don't all have the time, but it's not impossible, and it really is worth putting a little piece of yourself into your show. Much love
  8. Thanks. I have noticed that the trees get washed out when all three colors are lit at once (r, g, w) but relatively happy with it. I also noticed the large wreath does not fire as quick as the small. Might have something to do with the small having 5mm LED's and the large a store bought with incans? I have to say it is a good feeling when the neighborhood looks forward to your display and comes by each night. I had a young boy show up last night with his mom and he had his bike wrapped in lights! He loved the show and I told him that I loved the enthusiasm with his bike.
  9. My attempt at icicles. Done to "Carnival of the Animals".
  10. This is my first year decorating the house. I built the tree last year and decided to match the house with it this year. Hope you enjoy!
  11. Remember, a significant percentage probably don't even tune in their radios, or even spend enough time to associate the music to the lights. I don't do social media, don't advertise or desire any media attention, The show is what it is, take it or leave it. The fact that the lights are perfectly timed makes me smile, that's enough for me.
  12. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by that. But if that 50 pixel strip is defined in the Pixel Editor preview with Sequence Method="Pixel Editor", it will get written to the intensity data file -- and that data will conflict with the sequencing in your SE sequence. If that is the case, then change the Sequence Method for the 50 pixel strip to "Sequence Editor". Matt
  13. I love the lights "falling away" on the arches near the beginning. Very cool. Might have to steal that idea....
  14. I must realy be a newbie. I'm more lose now than before I read this post. I must do it all the hard way. I manually click on each timing mark I want lights to come on. Sure wish they had a school or someone close by in Louisiana I could learn from. This is my second year. Last year I had 16 channels and everyone love the show. This year I have 96 channels. Will let you know how it goes.
  15. George Simmons wrote: Can you direct us some where that has a "How to use the beat wizard". I have tried and don't think I am using it to it's full potential. Thanks, Dave
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