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  1. Here is one of 6 songs I mixed and then laid out in LOR to program, Enjoy! My first year on LOR, love it! already building for bigger and better next year
  2. Transmitting Songs

    Like mentioned above, i doubt you will have any issue.....as long as you don't collect money If you find legal jargon interesting Google "Fair Use Act"
  3. Color Effect only works on 50 string or less?

    You can create props as large and as long as your technology can handle them. In your prop definition, make sure you have your # of Nodes set to 80. Here's a screen capture from one of my props using 100 nodes:
  4. Controllers aren't connecting with each other

    If you need to use the bad box, now you know what one it is. You can put that box at the end of you daisy chain and it should work if you plug it into the working plug.
  5. Transmitting Songs

    There are probably thousands of Christmas light displays playing copyrighted music. Actually I'm playing that song in my lineup this year and haven't seen a cease and desist letter yet after 4 years of doing this and can't say I've ever heard of anyone having trouble. In case you're interested in my version of Thunder on YouTube. Thunder_Imagine Dragons
  6. 12 or 13 could have a bad jack Exchange the plugs (in the ports) on 12 If 12 dies, then 12 has a bad port. move it to the END of the chain (remember, the order of ID's is not tied to the position on the cable)
  7. Controllers aren't connecting with each other

    This may sound stupid but did you set the unit id's on the controller boxes that are not working?
  8. My have a bad RJ45 jack. I had one this year. Take 12 out and bypass also may be bad jack in 13.
  9. CCB (Original) Replacement O-Rings?

    I stopped worrying about water infiltration for the CCB/P green boxes a long time ago. (Don't tell Mike ) Formerly I would tighten EIGHT $%# screws and use the proper one hole or two hole gasket which are both very hard to get in. STILL changes in temperature sucked in moist air and I would find them working and full of water at teardown. Now I hang them all upright with the cat5 hole at the bottom and use 2 screws and they don't draw in water and can drain. I am not advising you to be careless with them or leave them open. Just saying from my experience these controllers are very durable and tight seals are a pain and for me dont add benefit.