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  1. lkcubsrule

    Color Effect only works on 50 string or less?

    You can create props as large and as long as your technology can handle them. In your prop definition, make sure you have your # of Nodes set to 80. Here's a screen capture from one of my props using 100 nodes:
  2. Cut the end off the audio using an audio editor like Audacity, Re export the edited audio as 128KBS and constant bit rate. or use WAV. Consider fading out the audio if there isn't a natural break in the song. Re open your sequence and replace the audio with the edited song. Go to edit/change total time and enter a time just longer than the audio and press OK. Make sure you have backups before you do this in case you mess up the first attempt. You might have to clean up the very end of the sequence, put a fade out for example, rather than just stop mid note.
  3. k6ccc

    Controller not working completely

    The simple answer is that a faster network speed allows more data to be passed in the same amount of time. For your 48 total channels, you would be hard pressed to exceed the capacity of the slowest LOR network speed. The main thing that is driving the higher network speeds is pixels because it becomes very easy to add channel counts in the thousands with a single controller card. The first image below shows the Simple display for Network Configuration, and the second screen capture shows the Advanced display for Network Configuration. In both displays, the speed setting is to the right of the Port selection. [keep reading below the screen captures] As for channels out on the one controller, my first guess would be loss of power to one side of the board. If that controller has two input power cords, make sure both actually are delivering power. If there is only one cord, obviously skip that step. In either case, UNPLUG THE CONTROLLER and THEN check the fuses on the controller to make sure they are good. BTW, the "UNPLUG THE CONTROLLER" has nothing to do with potential damage to the controller, it's to prevent you from getting zapped.
  4. k6ccc

    Do you need help?

    One of the major advantages of the Show Editor over the Simple Show Builder is that files can be anywhere. This makes it far easier to deal with having been doing this for year. For example, I have a directory for each holiday and year - so right now my show sequences are in "L:\Sequences\Christmas 2017".
  5. basis21b

    Plugging in controller

    That depends on the amount and type of lights you have connected to your controller. If you have LEDs you should be fine. Unless you plan to run hundreds of strings. With regular incandescent lights you are going to have to calculate the amount of amps they will draw. An easy rule if thumb is that three strings of 100 incandescent mini-lights will draw one amp. Once you have that calculation check the amp rating on the power strip. One last thing with the power strip is that if you get rain there is a very high probability the GFCI will trip. I'd suggest a three way plug (aka triple tap). Less area to collect water. (Too late. I could have just said "ditto")
  6. LORisAwesome

    Best way to anchor 40" blow mold figures?

    I think they look fine. Try it, if you don't like it, you can always dump out the sand and try something else. A bag of sand isn't very expensive, so you won't lose much. If you think about a real candle. The flame is at the top and the most light is at the top and the candle grows darker nearer the bottom. Jerry
  7. Mega Arch

    mini director issues

    believe it or not, brand of SD card makes a huge difference. Get a Kingston or Lexar - nothing else!
  8. LORisAwesome

    Best way to anchor 40" blow mold figures?

    There is a hole in back about 6 inches or less from the bottom of the candle, this is where the power cord exits. I filled mine with sand level with this hole. For the others, I use a lead weight in the bottom - someone else mentioned a patio block, as long as you can get it through the hole in the bottom.
  9. I had the same problem and you need to have more than one net work if your ac boards are not the gen 3 boards . I had to buy the hs 485 (red) for the pixie board and I’m waiting on it now. If your ac boards are not the gen 3 then they will not run on the enhanced network
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