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  1. This is my first year decorating the house. I built the tree last year and decided to match the house with it this year. Hope you enjoy!
  2. Its a totally different experience in person Jim! Looking forward to showing you the behind the scenes, etc.
  3. Very nice Deb. Makes me glad that I will see the show and meet you in a few weeks
  4. k6ccc

    Speaker Question

    That's likely the easiest way. I lot of people use a FM receiver of one variety or another that is listening to their FM transmitter for local audio. Just put a boombox or two on timers and you're good to go. BTW, some boom boxes don't have a "real" power switch, and may or may not actually turn ON when power is applied without pushing a "on" button. Make sure that whatever you use will turn on and stay on frequency when you power it back up. Also note that some FM receivers will make a loud thump at either power on or power off. Something else to test.
  5. Speedster

    Speaker Question

    I'm going to run the show only if we're home, so I'll have to manually control when it starts and ends. The outdoor speaker I'm using will be plugged into a wireless remote so that I can turn on the speaker when the show starts, or turn off the speaker at 9:00 pm while allowing the FM transmitter to keep working. But if you're running your show unattended and using a timer to start/stop the show, your idea of using a separate timer to turn off the boombox at 9:00 pm should work. I would set it to turn on a few minutes before the ShowTime Central gets activated though.
  6. Just a quick test to see how it will look. Much more coming soon! This year we were able to make record time and have everything connected and running in only 9 days! Thanks to my 2 boys working with me and having everything already planned out on paper and a of the layout. It was a bit crazy jumping from my first 16 channel show last year to 64 channels this year but I managed to get it done and used around 2,000 feet of spt wire. Finally, After all these years of wishing and hoping we have pulled off having a lightorama display. Not just our house but we added the neighbors house as well using a 16 channel controller and the easy link linkers. I am very impressed with the light linkers. There is no delay whatsoever. My kids will be learning programming next year so they can add songs to the show. They are already addicted to lights and always head over to the christmas section of stores to see what we can find. I trained them well haha! Here is a video taken from my phone of just 2 minutes of one song while we tested all the channels. We have 29 songs and even added in some Frank Sinatra this year. I just finished sequencing the "My Way" song. Our display kind of jumps to every music genre and allows young and old to follow. I would call it non traditional I guess. Sure it is not as great as many of yours but we kind of go Griswold with the lights. We have since fixed a few little things but this video gives you the general idea.
  7. Mega Arch

    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    kissing grandma goodbye
  8. robongar

    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Alternative, breath test
  9. dibblejr

    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    S.A.T.U.R. D.A.Y. Night.......
  10. dibblejr

    Now Sharing ~ Dominic the Donkey singing faces

    Yes it’s been a tuff year for me, both lighting and physically. I know the feeling. I will start putting lights and my singing props up Friday. Time has flown by. Auto it is my friend. Just think of it like this “ as bad as things may be there is always someone that has it worse”. Every day I wake up , it’s a bonus. JR
  11. George Simmons

    pixie 16 confused with 62 pixels/string

    That's odd. Perhaps that applies only to CC* pixels? I've got a number of props with 66 pixels (12V bullet nodes) which I run from Pixie4 and Pixie8 controllers set to 100 pixels per output and they work just fine.
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