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  1. k6ccc

    Repair turn around time

    You would have to contact LOR for that, but my guess is that it is longer now than almost any other time of year because lots of people discovered in October / November that they have a problem or waited around all year before sending it in.
  2. Ebuechner

    Being original.

    Some people do puzzles to relax. I do sequences. I have my computer setup in the basement with dual monitors good speakers and a set of noise cancelling headphones. I sit back put my feet up relax and poke at it until it's done. I often jump back and forth between sequences so I don't get hyper focused on any one sequence. I find if you try to complete a sequence from beginning to end without any breaks you'll end up with a forehead shaped dent in front of your keyboard.
  3. caniac

    Candy canes? Anything different?

    Kids might choke on Oriental Trading Company bobbles. Just sayin'! Test on Dibble first
  4. MattBrown

    Timing grid and waveform pattern

    This is a performance issue: how fast your computer is vs. how complex your sequence is. Matt
  5. caniac

    Being original.

    Let's not go pounding our chest Junior! Do you homework before making your comments, had you done your research you would have know that CHI has a horrible reputation in this area for not only healthcare but also cardiac care. Kearney Regional is to new to rate IMO. I am not from Nebraska and have only been here five years, in that time I have learned that CHI and the doctors here in general do not practice preventive medicine. Had I had my issues here I would have been six feet under. I am from NC and a little town called Raleigh, you may have heard of it. My issues were resolved at WakeMed and are a result of top notch doctors. Again do your research, the cheeseburger comment was uncalled for and unwarranted. If you had done your research you would have found out my family has a history of heart disease!! Do the work, don't make wild guesses about folks. It won't help your conquest for free sequences. Again if you had done the research you would have found out I had configured and installed some of the first file servers used in hospitals (1986). Before you go beating on your chest touting your greatness, do the legwork. It will get your farther in life.
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