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  1. dibblejr

    Singing Face Basics

    That's 5 words or 4 words and a character abbreviation LOL JR
  2. Mega Arch

    Singing Face Basics

    & that can be messy..
  3. TBS99

    Kia Commercial

    Here is the new KIA commercial:
  4. No, pretty much just Ohms law and a reference chart of wire resistance. There are lots of the latter around, but here is the one I have bookmarked: http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/Tables/wirega.html
  5. You are fine. Here's the math to back up the statement: I looked up specs for several 100 count LED strings and found an average wattage of about 7 watts. So three strings would be 21 watts. With a 120 volt source and a 10 volt drop considered an acceptable voltage drop resulting in 110 volts to the LEDs. With 110 volts to the LEDs and a 21 watt load, that results in a current of .191 Amps. With .191 Amps and an acceptable voltage drop of 10 volts, results in an acceptable resistance of the power line of 52.36 Ohms. 18 AWG copper has a resistance of 6.385 Ohms per 1000 feet, so to get 52.36 Ohms would require 8,199 feet of 18 AWG copper wire. Since the power has to go out in one wire and come back in another wire, that means you can go half that distance - or 4,099 feet.
  6. scottam67

    running your light show poll

  7. TBS99

    running your light show poll

    I use Dropbox to store and transfer my stuff back and forth. Tom
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