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  1. dibblejr

    Singing Face Basics

    You will also need controllers. Singing faces will eat your controllers alive. 1- singing face 8 or 7 channels depending on if you want an outline. For Christmas an outline is the best way to go. JR
  2. caniac

    Candy canes? Anything different?

    We have it happen here but not to that degree, it's my opinion that they think we are looking a donation. This year we will most likely put a sign on the basket that says free candy canes. Some people are just stupid and you can't fix stupid though duct tape will muffle it.
  3. jerry72

    Pour Some Sugar on Me Faces

    I made the mistake of posting it on youtube, funny, i can find 100 videos for this song, not one of them blocked, the moment i do one with a light show it gets blocked.
  4. BrianBruderer

    SS sequence two output devices

    dibblejr may be planning to tell you this, but realize that if you assign two controllers the same unit ID they will both respond to the same commands.
  5. Vince4xmas

    Being original.

    I also make all my own sequences! --and-- I don't do sequence sharing either. Program your own the lights, makes you feel good to see your own ORIGINAL show!
  6. sticks4legs

    Complete NOOB H E L P

    Another great source of info is John Storms. He is on these boards and has a youtube channel ListentoourLights
  7. Ebuechner

    DIY Extension Cords

  8. ericm

    DIY Extension Cords

    for cord management I have each prop extension cords in the same bundle running to the controllers in my garage. example, my spiral tree has 48 channels, so 48 extension cords zip tied together and ran to the controller in one big bundle. easy to store in totes, also each end of the cord labeled with the controller and channel number, i also have a piece of electrical tape indicating the color of light that cord will turn on as well as on the dongle on the controllers.
  9. Daryl

    DIY Extension Cords

    I currently have 208 DIY custom length cords. My setup is different from others here as I keep all my controllers in two custom made plywood boxes that I put on the garage roof (for security and vandalism purposes as I have two schoolbus stops in front of my house). Then I run the extension cords out from one central location. I have bundled the cords together based on location of props (beginning of light strings) and the controller that they come from. Each bundle is numbered and I have marked the bundle number the underside of the eaves the near the cuphooks that hold the bundles along the path the cords will hang. Each bundle is held together with Velcro onewraps about every two-three feet. This allows me to easily replace cords (which I have not had to do), reuse the Velcro, and the cords can slide as needed to connect to controllers/lights and make turns/bends. Number of cords per bundle is 8-16. Each cord is labeled on each plug end using a label maker and metallic label tape. The male plug ends have the controller ID (1-1, 1-12, 10-4, etc) on it, and the female end has a light string code (Left RE-R, Left RE-Grn, LW-Blue, etc) so I can easily locate, run and plug in each bundle of cords quickly. All of my lights are bundled similarly. Each color of light strings around a particular prop, say a window, are bundled together with their plugs labeled the same as the female ext cord bundles (Left RE-R, Left RE-Grn, LW-Blue, etc). Just match the plugs together and connect them. I can have my entire display up by myself in about 4-5 days depending on how energetic I am for that day. I store everything all bundled up as well. When I pull the display out for the season, I know where each light string bundle and ext cord bundle goes and hang them as a group and not individual strings or cords. Diagrams, spreadsheets and pictures are all helpful. As my display is very compact on a two story house and not spread out over a large area, this system works for me.
  10. k6ccc

    DIY Extension Cords

    The big answer is putting controllers near props. However for the most part it's easy. At that channel count, it's almost certainly mostly pixels. A single three or four conductor cable feeding hundreds of channels. Using my pixel tree as an example, there are 12 three conductor cables (one for each string of the tree), and four runs of Cat-5 (one for each "string" in the pixel star). You can put your hand around the bundle of cables out of the box with the controller. All those cables are less than three feet long. That's 2,880 channels. From the controller back to the house is four pieces of 8 AWG wire for power and a single Cat-5 for LAN.
  11. dibblejr

    Country Sequences

    As soon as Halloween is over I and James will start posting our stuff. JR
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