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  1. Silverbells?

    Sent This is not one of mine I had this in a folder since 2007 by Kate Smith
  2. You are using the wrong clips for a ridge, you need to use these: https://www.cannysystems.com/
  3. Chicken wire to hang lights...

    Love this idea. I have a different route that I'm going to be implementing this holiday season, I'll share with you when it comes time to put it out! Thanks for sharing.
  4. I need Mickey Mouse

    Thanks for the led Mega Arch.
  5. Letters for Santa box ideas

    I made one for this year to go out by the curb. Pretty easy to make. Some 2x4s, one sheet of plywood, and 2x3ft piece of sheet metal. There are more photos on my Facebook page...https://www.facebook.com/pg/HappyLights.Ramona/photos/?ref=page_internal#
  6. Chicken wire to hang lights...

    Amazing idea!
  7. Chicken wire to hang lights...

    Neat idea. Especially for those who have large tree trunks.