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  1. Thebug

    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Makes more jolly
  2. k6ccc

    General Newbie Questions

    Amen to that! Especially during testing, it is so handy to be able to run a show on demand, or individual songs from SE. In the past I have actually created a testing show for each song. That way if I want to see "Wizards in Winter", I start a show on demand that just has that song. I can even start a show from my phone by remoting into the show computer. This year I'm doing something a little different in that I have a box that has a push button for each song that works with a special testing show. So I will be able to start any sequence simply by pushing a button.
  3. This could save me from having to wrap 3000 lights around my tree each year!!
  4. james morris


    Sent This is not one of mine I had this in a folder since 2007 by Kate Smith
  5. You are using the wrong clips for a ridge, you need to use these: https://www.cannysystems.com/
  6. lightingnewb

    Chicken wire to hang lights...

    Love this idea. I have a different route that I'm going to be implementing this holiday season, I'll share with you when it comes time to put it out! Thanks for sharing.

    I need Mickey Mouse

    Thanks for the led Mega Arch.
  8. 75redman

    Letters for Santa box ideas

    I made one for this year to go out by the curb. Pretty easy to make. Some 2x4s, one sheet of plywood, and 2x3ft piece of sheet metal. There are more photos on my Facebook page...https://www.facebook.com/pg/HappyLights.Ramona/photos/?ref=page_internal#
  9. Jefffrompawpaw

    Chicken wire to hang lights...

    Amazing idea!
  10. BMurray

    Chicken wire to hang lights...

    Neat idea. Especially for those who have large tree trunks.
  11. caniac

    Dying Pixels??

    Wednesday for 8 hours then take them down Thursday and then backup Friday in the cold.
  12. caniac

    Dying Pixels??

    we are having the same issues though not 68mph yet. we use a lot of inflatables and just had to pull the plugs on all of them, including our 15ft Godzilla.
  13. k6ccc

    Dying Pixels??

    I hear you about the weather! I spent this morning on my roof working on new roofline lights. What was the weather? Forecast high today is 103. Not the day to be on the roof! Had to stop when the roof was so hot I could not lay down on it - even with three towels under me to insulate it - burning my leg! But I really want to get it done - these lights will get used for Halloween, and I plan on turning that on Friday evening...
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