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  1. Mega Arch

    Starting to Set Up This Year's Display

    Friendly advice - electricians like to daisy chain because they don't realize you're gonna use all the receptacles at the same time. Even if you're all LED and don't really need the horse power, I would tell him/her separate circuits please. Even if opting not to go to expensive of separate circuits, at least all rcpts to be GFCI recpts. That way it splits up your show onto multiple GFCI circuits. Since they trip on total leakage, splitting controllers up has less of a chance for nuisance tripping your show off. Yeah - you don't have that many controllers this year - you are now bitten - so thinking a few years down the road and you won't want to have to hire the electrician again. Good luck with your project.
  2. I talked with Brian (from Superstar) tonight about an another issue. During our conversation, he mentioned some things that tickled my brain that I had not thought of before. Maybe some of you know this, I didn't and for me it's a game changer. Background: Some of us had concerns over how to import/insert our saved Superstar files into S5 Sequencer. Most people I know about are saving the Superstar files as a Legacy .lms file, then loading that into S5 Sequencer and copy/pasting into the main sequence. S5.08 currently has issue with copy/paste in that it takes a looooong time to do this. So for those of us who wanted to still sequence in mainly Superstar but still take advantage of the features in S5 Sequencer, this works well. I can't/don't take credit for discovering this, like I said Brian tickled my brain and it got me to try this, and it worked! One very nice thing that is a result of this, is that it keeps the overall file size much, much smaller than copy/pasting did. I don't have any numbers to compare because quite frankly I got tired of waiting for the copy/paste to finish. Give this a try and see what you think. I'm stoked, this is huge for me. The video show an easy, quick and painless way to import you whole .sup file into S5 Sequencer. Alan...
  3. Santas Helper

    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    another even better
  4. TheDucks

    Solid State Relays

    Those need to be heat sinked if you are using more than a few amps (unlikely, since you have used SPT-1 ) a 6" Nema box is weather resistant if mounted vertical a bit above ground http://www.homedepot.com/p/WIEGMANN-6-in-x-6-in-x-4-in-NEMA-3R-Enclosure-RSC060604RC/100567817 And if you use round cord (cut a short heavy duty extension cord) these are the sealed strain reliefs http://www.homedepot.com/p/1-2-in-Strain-Relief-Cord-Connectors-2-Pack-21692/100207234
  5. H3RRS

    First Season - Tips & Tricks?

    Does LOR offer a free demo software? I will be using their software, so this would be great if I could get a jump on it! -H3RRS
  6. Bigfrog 59

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    Also a rooster
  7. BrianBruderer

    S5 Superstar Request

    Thanks for doing the tutorial! I did some testing and looked at the code. The problems I had is that when doing "Save As" in SuperStar after being launched because of an "insert superstar effects" in S5 sequencer, the default name and path were bad. I am working on fixing that.
  8. Just recorded a radio interview with a local station. DJ is trying to get a head start and contacting the local displays for quick interviews he can play during his radio show in December. He also does a Party Bus tour of the displays.
  9. thats the link look in the store and he has 2 different connectors blocks he tells what they fit falcon and e682 and another for lor
  10. Dennis - This the link / item? https://ajdejr.wixsite.com/ajoutlet/product-page/green-screw-terminal-blocks
  11. JeffF check this place for the connectors he has the right ones AJ's outlet
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