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  1. Imagine Dragons - Thunder

    Could be good for Halloween. I am unconventional so it will be used for Christmas at my place. Total 4632 channels. 8 different tracks. 6 different timing grids. Also working on "Believer" by the same band. Sequenced for a 16 strand pixel tree, an 11 strand pixel curtain, a pixel roof line and 96 standard ac channels which includes a 32 strand mega tree. Please send me your email for the link if you wish.
  2. Thanks for providing your sequence. I will use it as my benchmark. For your matrix - at least for this sequence - you should consider using the Movie effect. It will make your sequence file much smaller and will make it easier to skew its timing one way or the other. Your matrix will go from containing about 4.3 million effects to just 1 effect. With that said, there is a new command in S5 that allows you to skew a selection: right-click > Selected Area > Skew Effects. This is the command you should be using in the video you posted above. But don't try it in 5.0.8 because it is just as slow as copy/paste. However, in the next beta release it will be MUCH faster - you will be able to do your entire matrix at once, complete with undo. I will work on making copy/paste faster too, but they are not there yet. Matt
  3. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    she controls everything
  4. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Assume that’s wife
  5. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Including my controller
  6. Wire frame light attachment

    And I use their ropelight. Best led rope available imho. Didn't want to break any rules about naming venders.
  7. Wire frame light attachment

    You can get wireframe clips from many vendors. Search in these forums and you will find several. For all of my wireframes I use ropelight and zip ties. Sax
  8. Wire frame light attachment

    I use zip ties.
  9. Sequencing faces.

    Hey Carl The papagayo converter program does work to create a good clipboard. Sometimes the parameters are hard because everyone has a different arrangement of lights. There are three videos linked on my down load page in case you missed them. Please post or message me a screen snap of your parameters and I can get you rolling. Bob-O
  10. Not able to have display

    Well all, I will not be having my display this year. We were forced out of our house by our Landlords wife. We now live in a small apartment and all our Christmas is in storage. As of right now we are locked out of storage and are facing losing all of our belongings. I am so depressed right now that I do not know what to do. Just wanted to get this off my chest. Thanks for letting me do that.
  11. Dying Pixels??

    looks like I am in the same boat, half my strips on my pixel tree are gone as well as the ones for the house. Good news for me they are still under warranty with HC until the 19th of October.