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  1. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Was 10,000th reply!!! (for this thread) ((always in 3's))
  2. Switching to S5 at this time...why???

    Me too. Don't need the headache right now. After New Years Day, most likely. But I still don't have any pixelitis pains, so other than floods, I'm all AC. Probably don't need S5 at all. Now if oil gets back into the $70's, I'll probably need some pixels props and S5.
  3. So Cal Mini Get together

    Bump? I know pretty soon we will all be getting into crunch mode. Can we try an informal get together before we are all swamped?
  4. Switching to S5 at this time...why???

    Tom DevMike posted a similar thread a few days ago. As I stated since everyone was begging for S5 "if its not broke don't fix it". I am too busy sequencing faces to go through those growing pains on top of adding the pixels to my display this year. I am with you and Jim and I really appreciate all of those pioneers that are willing to Beta test S5 to get those bugs worked out in the next year or so but unless I am forced to upgrade will stay with S4. There's a new topic for the upcoming mini. JR
  5. Switching to S5 at this time...why???

    For 2017, I absolutely am running S4. You are right that it's way too late in the season to make the change. On the other hand, I really do want to learn and be a part of the beta. I'm hoping that by next February when I start sequencing for 2018, that S5 will be fully usable, and maybe even some of my suggestions will be implemented. On day one of the S5 beta, I described the S5 Sequencer as a slightly updated Pixel Editor with some of Sequence Editor tossed in. That's still pretty accurate. As I have essentially no prior experience with Pixel Editor, I have had a very hard time with it. I have a phone / computer remote session with Matt Thursday evening where hopefully I can explain some of the issues that I'm seeing, AND I learn some of the concepts.
  6. Switching to S5 at this time...why???

    Tom, Well for me I don't do shows in the winter months, I do all my shows when the weather is better for sitting in a lawn chair with my neighbors and some cool beverages watching the lights in my pasture. This year I had a couple of medical issue that knocked me down for a couple of months, as in no heavy lifting, ladder work, hospital stays, etc... So my show for this year is limited to testing. I still hope to set everything up at least once before winter just to test some things in S5. From what I have gotten to work in S5, in my opinion S5 adds a lot of features that are not available in S4 and allows for some very creative sequencing effects beyond whats available in S4. I'm finding the more smart RGB pixels, the better. So for me, I'm just ahead of the game, getting ready for next spring/summer. If I was under the gun to do winter shows I probably would not have started with S5 in anticipation of having finished shows. On the other hand LOR needs guinea pigs beta testers to help work out some of the bugs. I don't mind getting involved if it makes for a better product down the road. Alan...
  7. So Cal Mini Get together

    OK, how about a post season get together? Just not the first weekend in March.
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