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  1. Changing default directory

  2. Changing default directory

    Go to: computer /c:program files/light-o-rama and look for an .exe file LORpost and run that program. This is the program that starts when you first install LOR.
  3. It's official I am back in the game

    we leave in a few for a Cornhuskers game. No sequencing/Halloween/Christmas stuff today but back at it tomorrow.
  4. It's official I am back in the game

    Well then, get busy: http://www.rentalequipmentedmond.com/aerial_lift_rental.html
  5. It's official I am back in the game

    Cut it down man! Come on! You back in it or not? The "Game" isn't until 2:30 - Boomer Sooner Baby!
  6. It's official I am back in the game

    Thank you, I am finding starting over, with the knowledge of where I want to be is a very big task. As soon as I can get all the kids friends cars away from the house I am going to take a picture and try to make a setup on the new software. I have a small-ish list of songs that I want to do. I am adding 8 4 color mini tree and have no Mega-Tree since my front yard has a tree. Well, it's football time in Oklahoma, it will have to wait until after the game
  7. Arches

    You oughta see 'em in real life! Tom did a great job with.
  8. Godzilla - Halloween

    I sent the new pixel out to all was not happy with the old one hope you like it