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  1. LOR TSO Sequence package questions

    For another $50 I would go with the option for modifying them. If you don't, you're stuck with the way the sequences are laid out. And to add, for 10 songs, that's not a bad price ($10 each) if you don't like to sequence or if you're running out of time to sequence them.
  2. Resize Timing (bug in 2.0.16)

    Bob, Well slap me silly. You perfectly understood what I was trying to do and your suggestion works well, although a bit cumbersome to do. I TOTALLY misunderstood that error message. I would have never guess what was going on. It makes sense after you say it. I am too used to using LOR I for 3 years where a resize would have moved all of the events to the right of the event being changed. That is the way I was expecting LOR II to work, but obviously it doesn't. If this feature stays as is, I like to suggest the resize dialog either mention the largest value that is acceptable (the current size of the cell), or better yet, not let the user enter a value greater than the current size of the cell. Quite honestly, I like the way you did it in LOR I. I understand why you are doing it this new way, and it's probably because of the multi-track feature and the untied relationship between events and tracks. I was just looking elsewhere on the board and see a thread about this whole resizing thing. I will go there and post my suggestion. Much thanks for this post. Now I won't have to visit the mental health center ;-)