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  1. can i repeat controllers ID

    Why don't you just copy and paste the exact sequence into the controller configured with a different #. They will match perfectly. Just like my singing faces 2-16 controllers depending and I can have all of them do the exact same lip movements. JR
  2. Eclipse video 360 degree view

    The Eclipse has been keeping me busy for many weeks while I planned a huge family gathering. The moons shadow passed right over my house and the family farm. I have posted two videos which are both the same content but rendered using different codecs. The first one shows the 360 degrees all at once. The second you must use your mouse to slide around and see the part you want. If you were wearing a Virtual Reality headset this would be like turning your head to see the action. Hopefully there are no more big distractions for the rest of the year. Now back to light business.
  3. Let It Go - Singing Face

    Oops. Rearranging everything and lost my copy. Thanks
  4. can i repeat controllers ID

    Two controllers can have the same ID. It does present challenges come troubleshooting time, but it can be done. Though I should note that you will have to have a cable connected to the controller in order for it to receive the commands. (Well, unless you plan to run two directors and somehow get them to sync to the exact same time, to the nano second without drifting....)