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  1. james morris

    Xmas Rhapsody

    Take off of queen but christmas
  2. k6ccc

    New look?

    Anyone besides me having trouble getting the updated form to work on Tapatalk?
  3. Santas Helper

    New look?

    So do we get 5 "Likes" per day now?
  4. thank you guys! I am not too fond of the last song i threw into the mix, I may change that, i feel i need more of an exciting end changing icon, lol
  5. dibblejr

    Thriller faces and Pixel

    Sent both files, enjoy. JR
  6. Bill P

    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    And more money Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. ericm

    Singing Christmas trees

    i got all mine from holiday light express, wanted to make sure the colors all matched across the 4 i have.
  8. Ebuechner

    Love LOR - Trying Raspberry PI B + w/ Falcon Pi Cap

    Setup your Raspberry Pi with the cap and pixels testing from the pie first to confirm that your pixels are working. Then go in and Define you're DMX universes and channels and set up the pi in bridge mode. You'll have to go into LOR and set up you're DMX and e1.31 to match what you set up in the pi. I'm not sure what your license level is but you will need to be using e1.31 to communicate with the pi. I strongly suggest using the pi in unicast mode versus multicast. Join us over in the Falcon Christmas forum to better help you with this project.
  9. christmascrossing

    Love LOR - Trying Raspberry PI B + w/ Falcon Pi Cap

    Creating your own light controller is interesting, but interfacing it to LOR software may be a challenge. The base LOR protocol is proprietary (back in the day, there were a few who reversed engineered it). The LOR enhanced protocol is proprietary and requires the PRO version of LOR software. You could interface your hardware using DMX (E1.31) (which is more of an open protocol), and would require Advanced or PRO LOR software. I think what you are asking is to interface via their standard LOR protocol. That would be great, but would require someone to reverse engineer the LOR protocol. Once that LOR protocol was documented, think of all the open source unique software that could be written on top that. I would expect the majority of users of LOR products use the base LOR protocol format. Then some use the LOR enhanced, and others use the DMX. Sounds like a fun project!!! To me it's like when Microsoft got more closed and more proprietary, Microsoft actually inadvertently promoted LINUX adoption. Although a much smaller customer base, LOR is ripe for creating an open source copy (I guess that's what xlights is). I think Pixel Editor and SuperStar started that way, then got rolled into the LOR family. I could be wrong. That's just my speculation.
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