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  1. another tip for tomato cage trees: if like me, you have "concrete jungle" and no where to "plant" you cage trees; get some cheap plant pots and some gravel and 'pot up' you trees. worked quite well for me last year, long row of trees down the side of the driveway
  2. I've used the residential controllers here in Georgia for years with absolutely no issues. Save the extra money and get some more stuff.
  3. This is a bug. Using the twinkle effect on a dumb rgb prop (color set to white) on a non-enhanced LOR network produces different results when run on an enhanced LOR network. This will be fixed in the next beta release: twinkle in white on a dumb rgb prop will produce random colors whether run on enhanced LOR, non-enhanced LOR, or DMX network. Matt
  4. Thanks for the ideas everyone! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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