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  1. james morris

    one more hallween pixel

    The images are there it for a tree not for matrix the images are off screen you should see the images on the track copy and past them to other file
  2. dibblejr

    Devil Went Down to Georgia

    I have one ahead of it and it is mainly a solo artist, one section of ooohs, hope to get a start on that one tonight and finish by lunch tomorrow and then will start DWDTG JR
  3. whitebuck

    one more hallween pixel

    I looked at the sequence you sent, looks like the hardest part is the images because the pictures didn't come along for the ride in SS. That is ok, just complicates it. If you have the images used, if any, then we can certainly use those, otherwise we will get by. That seems to be only 10-15% of it. The other 85-90% doesn't look too bad from a difficulty, just time to make the adjustments. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. jerry72

    one more hallween pixel

    Well i dont know about that, but i know how difficult it is to keep a 16 month old little boy from shoving stuff into the printer.
  5. Mega Arch

    Mini trees

    Orange cords just use too much electricity. Any of the others should be fine.
  6. Mega Arch

    Now Accepting FREE Singing Face Seq Request

    Very cool offer of you JR. I've watched some of your videos and your face timings are great. I don't have any singing faces, so I don't need anything. Just chiming in to say this is awesome of you to openly offer your services. Very cool..
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