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  1. k6ccc

    Putting Shimmer off beat

    You can manually create a shimmer with a series of very short on / off commands or ramps,or whatever you want to do. With that you could time shift it any way you want. Note that if you are doing that with very many channels, it could create a lot of network traffic.. Also note that if you are sending the data via DMX (either via RS-485 or E1.31), there are only about 45 refreshes per second, so you may not see what you were expecting. I've never done a manual shimmer, but I have done a manual twinkle, and although it was a bit of extra effort, it looked good when I was done.
  2. Well, when your good, word gets out! Doug's work is top notch! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hate to hear that but glad I got my order in long ago! JR
  4. Steven

    Putting Shimmer off beat

    I could be wrong, but if the two channels are on different controllers, they may shimmer out of phase. This is something I'm going to have to try when I have a chance.
  5. default

    Pixel Tree for Halloween?

    FWIW, I'm in the minority here as I don't use my lighting stuff for Christmas. I do my shows in the spring/summer months when I can sit with a cold one and watch the lights from my yard. When I decided to go with what's commonly called a Pixel Christmas Tree, I had no intentions of using it as such. Instead of a Star, Globe etc. as a topper, I opted for a Pixel Spinner. My intent was to use the combination to sequence whatever music struck my fancy. I view the tree portion more as a vetical matrix and use it to highlight different parts of the music. I suppose it would matter as to what kind of tree you bought ie 90 (flat) 180 or 360. Mine is a flat, 12 strings, 25 pixels tall tree, wider at the bottom than at the top. I have it setup in Superstar as 2 props stacked on one another. Superstar has the the ability to "Manual Clip" (in the Smooth Effects Mode) just the tree prop. That leaves it open to make the pixel spinner do it's thing indepently. Here is an example of the tree and spinner in action. The tree prop is an expensive addition, I think it would be a shame to not use it. Just my $.02 Alan...
  6. B.Y.R.G.

    Pixel Tree for Halloween?

    I used mine last year for Halloween. It's a tree shape but what counts is what you sequence inside that tree matrix so to speak. There are at least two websites offering Halloween sequences for pixel trees. I'm planning on using mine again this year. Here is one for my boy Freddy.
  7. lightingnewb

    Website counter recommendation

    Thanks Al. Best of luck to you.
  8. Don

    keep some channels always on?

    Don't check that box that says, "Turn off lights at end of sequence"
  9. It likely was not the high bit rate that was the problem, but rather that it was originally a variable bit rate, rather than constant bit rate.
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