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  1. Superstar? Is it worth it?

    Right now is customer support time. After the new year Matt Brown and myself will be working on integrating SS and PE and SE and it will be known as S5. The plan is to make it so you can use any of the 3 during any portion of your sequence. It will also mean you no longer have to use copy/paste or a subsequence to get SS sequences in with your other lights. As for when it will come out, I can't say.
  2. Surprise Gift From My Better Half!!!

    These aren't the drones you're looking for. (With a wave of the hand)
  3. Surprise Gift From My Better Half!!!

    I have several times. Half of the joy is watching the anticipation on someones face when you open a gift they got for you, why take that away. I can tell when my wife got me something that I really wanted as she gets all giddy when I grab the gift, it's like she is more excited about it then I am.
  4. We finally got some video's of our display and we hope you enjoy them.https://vimeo.com/196424578https://vimeo.com/195444663https://vimeo.com/195202938
  5. Ive just about had it with LOR / DMX

    Here is what I would have done Change all LOR CTB to DMX universe 1 channels 1 to 16 Set snow machine channels as universe 1 channels 17 to whatever Remove your LOR adapter from the com port in the network configuration window. Add it again as universe 1 in the DMX tab. Create a LOR to XLR adapter. I believe that it is blue to DMX + Blue/white to DMX - And green as ground Plug that into your snow machines/snow machine DMX remotes. Should work, and requires no extra hardware.
  6. Superstar? Is it worth it?

    The design is in place and we have done a significant part of the coding already, but had to suspend work once things got busy with customer support. I am confident it will be ready for the 2017 Christmas season. And we fully realize the sooner the better.
  7. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    if your naughty
  8. Surprise Gift From My Better Half!!!

    Yes... I am suuuuper excited!!! So while" coming clean" might be the "honorable" thing to do it would severely deflate my wife's and my children's excitement for there "surprise" and seeing me happy on Christmas. THAT is what makes her happy ?. Nope.. Not gonna tell.. Gonna go to the grave with this one.. Lol. So maybe 'acting' crazy was the wrong word choice. Ain't going to be any 'acting' at all. Just can't wait to show her how happy I am? How many of you out there have found out about something that someone was going to give or do for you and kept it yourself to keep the "surprise" intact?
  9. Great Christmas Light Fight 2016

    They have gotten away from Christmas and headed towards Las Vegas Shows. Its nice to see the shows in Vegas, but I want to be in Vegas for those as they are always over the Top (Less Disney's Studios Theme Park at Christmas that does a nice show also, but not over the top) I prefer to incorporate some of the RGB stuff but I try to make sure it looks Christmasy (is that a word...LOL) No Hollywood show setup. If I wanted Hollywood show setup, I would be adding trusses over my yard for hundreds of Moving Head lamps and Lasers (not that I don't love all blinky Flashy Stuff that changes color and is controllable. )
  10. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    it says robongar
  11. First Year of Display

    I thought I would post my First Year Display in Thanks for all who Helped from these forums. https://youtu.be/WaAC6FGxl1g https://youtu.be/FDko7nltf9M https://youtu.be/lYZqzmG5Za0 https://youtu.be/igFMr2C9nzA Merry Christmas! Mike Whitebuck
  12. Superstar? Is it worth it?

    Primarily that means AC controllers prior to Gen-3. Also ServoDog, iDMX, DIO32. Several other will work, but require firmware updates in order to operate on an Enhanced LOR network.
  13. New to CCR Tree

    I built a 12 CCR tree and star with 3/4" sq alum tubing. The CCR remains on the tubing all year, and is stored inside disassembled. If you want more info, I can send you a file that shows how it is built, just send me a note. I am in Fremont, CA, this is an image of the tree setup.
  14. Layering of effects

    You can also do it in SuperStar with a series of three morphs. For example: Morph 1: Time 1.00 - 3.00, Head length 0, tail 2.0, colors100/0/0 for all four entries Morph 2: Time 3.00 - 5.00, Head length 0, tail 0.5, colors0/100/0 for all four entries Morph 3: Time 3.50 - 5.50, Head length 0, tail 2.0, colors100/0/0 for all four entries This will create a red morph with a green bar moving across it. You of course can edit the times and / or add scenes in front or after the morphs for an extended red.
  15. Layering of effects

    I do it in my show using SS and an image which I moved across my arches. Worked just fine and was super easy! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Layering of effects

    Turn cells OFF in the time range that you want the chase to occupy. Then create your green chase using one hundredth of a second (or any length of time for that matter) of red on each side of the green. You'll have RGR with no gap in between, the green being the size of the green slice you want chasing through the red. Then simply use the fill tool on that same area.
  17. Phillips Family Display

    Enjoyed them very much! Always have wanted to see video of your frames in action. Liked the close ups of them. Thanks for sharing.
  18. Already planning for next year?

    I am planning to build a "Firestick Forest." Basically the premise is to fill the planters that line our driveway up with various heights of firesticks, placed randomly throughout to create a "forest" of leaping lights. It's going to be a channel hog (I think I'll probably need 4 controllers to do it right), but man will it be worth it. On a powerful orchestral piece launching ~12 firesticks of different colors up in to the air is going to be magical. Man.. Christmas isn't even here and yet here I am thinking about 2017... I've got to get out of here! LOL
  19. 1st year of LOR, 6th song so far.

    Nice! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. He'd say something like this...
  21. Great Christmas Light Fight 2016

    I watched the episode this week and have to say I'm really pleased with who Taniya picked as the winner in her hour. The guy who had all the binders about his incurred costs over the years, and his wife who handpainted the lights to be the exact color they wanted. I LOVED so much about their static display.
  22. Already planning for next year?

    I realize this is a computer animated site, but most of my additions this coming year are going to be motorized things. The #1 thing that is going to be added, we've wanted to make one for a couple years and just never had the storage space till now, is a miniature motorized roller coaster. And also a Ferris wheel. That way we can have amusement Park Christmas scene to go along with my motorized carousel that we already have. I generally have my next years plans finalized in my head by mid December Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Already planning for next year?

    I just purchased 2,000 new C9 bulbs from CDI for next years show. They were running a 50% off and could not pass up the deal.
  24. Pixel Editor not controlling lights

    Make sure that your Control Panel is open. The PE has a prompt about this after checking "Control Lights", the SE does not. From the help file: