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  1. Great Christmas Light Fight 2016

    Another Disney theme won this week and didn't have anything to do with Christmas. Need to change the name to the The Great Disney Light Fight.
  2. Here is a new one. Just finished.. 80 channel with singing trees If you want it let me know retired_old_sarge@yahoo.com
  3. Get yer Thunder on!

    A simple setup with one LOR 16CH controller and a 12 strip pixel tree...oh and a pixel snowman.
  4. Thank You DevMike

    Just a shout out to the man with all the answers!! As a huge fan of LOR, I would like to thank those that make it possible. Can't imagine how busy you must be at this time of year. Thanks for all you do for all of us.
  5. Great Christmas Light Fight 2016

    So there is no Santa Claus? No Frosty? No Rudolph? NOOOOooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. On the main Zara control panel, select the events page by left clicking on the events calendar button. (the red arrow below). That will bring up the events listing. Click the "New" button (the green arrow below). That will bring up a new event box (the screen capture was taken after pressing the "New"). On the new event screen, enter the desired date and time info and then select Immediate (the purple arrow below). Select the event type of Play (the black arrow below). Got it?
  7. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    with buddy Hermey
  8. Great Christmas Light Fight 2016

    Yup, I'd say that makes my point pretty well. Not that I am keeping score, but I totally am. Drew
  9. Not sure if this will fix your issue with only some of the blocks being filled in but you can try. Highlight the blocks in question then right click on the highlight, click "change effect type" then choose "shimmer" and see if that works.
  10. Get yer Thunder on!

    Nevertheless, yours is worth 5 million hits!
  11. Get yer Thunder on!

    Unless they stole my video and according to my latest YouTube view count for this video. That's not mine as I'm about 4,993,000 views below that tally hahah!
  12. I only have the 2 controllers, I just chose hex 8 because I liked the number. I changed the number to 2 and now it works perfectly, so apparently it's not 4 controllers it's literally just unit 1-4 Thank you everyone for the help, hopefully I'll get better at this and be able to help others in the future
  13. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    on bucket list
  14. Get yer Thunder on!

    Interesting statistic after 10 days on YouTube. There have been approximately 6600 views with 36% in Australia, 22% in U.K., 15% in U.S. and Germany with 3.9%. I thought the U.S. would represent better but obviously Australia is showing the LOVE to their homeboys!
  15. Facebook Copyright issue

    I had a video removed a while back from my FB and they are more stringent when it comes to copyrighted material. I've found that by posting the video on Vimeo or YouTube and then posting the link on FB usually works and they won't ding you.
  16. First post of our home, 75% complete

    Post your video and show your programming skills Hotshot!
  17. FM Station Display Signage Question

    Well, I learned the hard way this week that I need to mount my sign a bit higher. I put it right at ground level and we got 8+ inches of snow at home. My wife sent me a picture and the sign is covered half way up covering the frequency... So take your snowfall totals into account.
  18. Does anyone have "baby its cold outside" ELF

    I would love a copy. karen@kfoxcpa.com
  19. Great Christmas Light Fight 2016

    Sigh... ok so can I say the show is terrible? Is that allowed? Drew
  20. Setting up CCBs in SE, Vis, & PE

    I dont think there is a way to have a 100 pixel device be controlled by a macro channel but I will check and make another post. My many CCx devices are all set up with macro channels which I use a lot. All are set up in SE as two unit ids of 50. Same in Viz which has no option for 100.
  21. Setting up CCBs in SE, Vis, & PE

    I too am having difficulties figuring out how to get my 100 pixel bulbs in visualizer. I have it set up as native (normal) running 2 strings. Thanks for any help on this.
  22. Setting up CCBs in SE, Vis, & PE

    I had a similar question. Moreso related to getting visualizer to work correctly, but I will put i here as it could help the OP. I have never used the Macro functions and wanted to try doing so this year to simplify a smaller lighting commitment I agreed to help out on. I initially set my CCB up in the sequence editor to be 1 unit ID with the 317 channels. I did it this way because some of the macro effects say they can fill a string from left to right or right to left and I want the effect to go across all 100 bulbs. If I have different unit id's, I believe that I'd only get the effect across half of the bulbs I have connected to the controller. In order to see it work, however, I discovered that I have to use the Visualizer instead of the Animation window I've always used as the animation window won't support display of the macro effects. OK, no problem, time to learn visualizer. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to get a CCD to have 100 pixels in there. The max option when adding a device using the CCR Draw Wizard is 50. Is there any way to get around this limitation so I can assign 100 pixels to a single unit ID?