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  1. This is the first year I have used Windows 10 for my show computer and I have an issue that others might also have. This forum has been so helpful over the years I thought I would give back with the solutions I have found. The problem is Windows 10 does automatic updates to its operating system when it wants to and this often results in a reboot of the system. Even if this reboot does not take place during the show, it leaves the PC waiting for the user to login. If you don't notice this when the next show is suppose to starts, it won't because you haven't logged in. I have three solutions for this. First, set your "active hours" to include your show times. Windows will not update your PC during your active hours. This can be done by going to Settings (right click on the task bar and select Settings) select Update and Security and select Change Active Hours. Note, you can have a maximum of 12 hours active. Second, if you want to stop Windows from doing any updates (and I don't necessarily recommend this) you can go into the network settings and set your WIFI connection to metered. If a WIFI connection is metered, Windows will not download any updates, instead it will notify you that updates are available and you can manually download them when you want. Do this by going into Settings and selecting Network and Internet, select Show Available Networks and select your network and select properties. The last property is Metered Connection. Set this to On. Finally, you can have Windows automatically log you in after a reboot so that the reboot can happen without your intervention. This can be done by holding down the Window key (the button that has the Windows logo on the bottom left corner of the keyboard) and typing R. In the window that pops up type: NETPLWIZ and select OK. At the top of this new window is a box that is checked that says "user must enter a user name and password". Uncheck this and select OK. it will prompt you for your user name and password that will be used to automatically login from now on. I am using the first and third solution and it seems to be working well.
  2. For a lot of us, we light up one week from tonight, Thanksgiving evening. Where did the past month go? LOL Because of the extra warm weather, I'm on schedule while adding RGB arches this year. All testing happens this weekend. But I know many of us are scrambling to get things ready as well so is there is pressure for some. Hope everyone gets done in time.
  3. Well damn, I was able to look this up on my phone.. From the 1602 manual: Stand Alone Operation A stand alone animation sequence (sequence with no accompanying audio) can be downloaded into the flash memory of the lighting controller’s microprocessor. LOR160xW Page 30 This sequence can contain approximately 5,000 commands. These commands can also be for controllers other than this controller, so this controller can direct a network of controllers. There are no restrictions on the types of LOR controllers in this network. So confirms that a 1602 can control other controllers in standalone mode. Sent from my Droid Turbo via Tapatalk, so blame any typos or spelling errors on Android
  4. Sent some of you may have got it twice as I got lost between my phone and computer.....lol
  5. Once the computer is up for the season, I turn off the wifi. I also tell it never to sleep. The only network windows sees is the LOR Ethernet with no internet connection. So it can't do any updates without me there.
  6. I also get one extra day because I light up on Friday after Thanksgiving. The majority of the show got set up over the weekend before the election. Spent a good part of last weekend building the new Tune To signs. I've got a long list of little stuff to do this weekend. Because of changes in configuration, every song had to be re-sequenced at least somewhat, so I've been playing sequences every morning as I leave for work. Only found a couple of minor issues so far. The FM has been up and transmitting Christmas music with Zara Radio since last Monday. I've been doing quite a few configuration changes with Zara Radio as I now have a bunch of voice files from the http://www.thedementedelf.com/ and I'm getting all those worked into the pre-opening show. So only a little pressure here...
  7. Use NULL pixels to extend the distance. Add 1 every 15 - 20 feet and tell the controller how many null pixels you are using. I built my own drivers/receivers for my RGB pixels - I tested them up to 1000 feet from the controller with no issues.
  8. Ggrrrrrrr... Thanks for bringing it up. LOL I should be all set up by Sunday. That gives me 3 day for testing, as I too light up Thanksgiving night. Hope all goes well for my fellow Lighters!!
  9. waiting on some sequencing help on that one but will put it up when done.
  10. Does the dog now bark in time to the lights.
  11. This is our first year of animation. Did this sequence in two weeks working two jobs. Some parts suck and had no time to preview it on the display. One shot. The HD is not done processing but here is my fireworks. Will upload to Vimeo later this week. We had 30 cars parked up and down the road. The neighbors let us use their driveways. Cars were lined down the cross street. Think next year I am going to put out door speakers just for the disney night and have bleachers put in.
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