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  1. Not much to do with Light O Rama but thought I would share a project I have been working on for my Christmas display this year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_MNDNi5LgA
  2. Don

    CMB24D & 50watt flood questions

    The RS485 protocol is good for up to 4000 feet. So start from your computer/director to the very last controller ... and you have 4000 feet to work with. If you connected it: Computer -> ctb16 -> ctb16 -> ctb160> CMB24d -> 50wFlood -> 50watt flood --- you would simply use the network cable to get from one controller to the next. The CMB and Floods have RJ45 jacks, just like the other controllers. Just think of them as a controller and make the connection. (In other words, don't try and over think it ... just know it's a controller and you daisy chain it just like other controllers.)
  3. Septon

    Video for Halloween Projection

    I hate you. :-P Simplicity never comes easy to me.
  4. Septon

    Video for Halloween Projection

    I purchased a Relay, took the case off the machine and un-hooked the Pressel Switch. I wired the Pressel switch to the Relay, then hooked a 24 AC plug (common as hell) to the Relay. Now via LOR I turn on and off the fog. Giving it time to rego and I don't have to press the button (or more over convince my wife to as I often go with the kids, meaning she never does). The pressel switch wires don't have to be hooked up in any particular order, nor does the 2 wires for the 24AC plug. I would start simply by getting a relay, and I would buy the BASE for it too. Above is the photo of the BASE (which I have wired too) and the Relay I plug into the base when wired up. Then in LOR, I have 1.20 min to charge, 20 seconds power on 1.20min power off to charge 20 seconds on. Works awesome. I will now buy a few cheap Foggers after Halloween for next year.
  5. Mega Arch

    Controllers For Sale

    I have already spent more than this year's Christmas budget was supposed to be, so I'm out on this. Everyone else - I have seen these controllers in action - even won his neighborhood lighting contest with them... Michael, I hate to see you selling, knowing what Christmas means to you. I do understand though that a guy's gotta do what he's gotta do.
  6. So, I got bit by the Halloween ghoul and now along with Christmas have a new addiction. This is a quick video I took and I think it came out pretty cool. Forgive the video quality, I took it on my phone about 1:30 in the morning.
  7. CLD Kevin

    My 1st Halloween Display

    That sequence look very familiar....good job.
  8. BryanZ

    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Queue fried Rudolph
  9. George Simmons

    90 degree bend in led strip

    I've learned that if only one or two diodes giggle the strip might be okay, because not all of them are ticklish. But if they get to giggling like a bus full of school girls you might as well replace the whole strip right then and there and save yourself the time later. I've also learnt the hard way that you've gotta be careful about cracking jokes (especially one-liners) within earshot of the strips. Smart strips aren't so bad. But the dumb strips are called dumb for a reason. When one pixel starts giggling, it spreads through the entire strip like a viral infection and then you can't get them to take anything seriously the rest of the day.
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