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  1. So just curious... who here is still old school?

    Im ao old school, my grandaughter calls me " so old that im older than dirt"
  2. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Surprises in some
  3. Audio Troubles! please help!

    Just do it the Hillbilly way, connect the fm transmitter to your computer then go park the truck out by the street with the radio on and the doors open.
  4. So just curious... who here is still old school?

    I'm talkin about "NO" DMX, or CCRs, CCPs, CCXYZs or even smarty strips. I barely know what an LED is....yes, I guess I am "old school". But I do have over 800 channrls from 50+ controllers in my light show.
  5. Your Christmas Work Area.

    Yes, that is impressive. My work space is what ever area is clear at the time. Sometimes it's the garage and sometimes it's the middle of the living room.
  6. Your Christmas Work Area.

    Impressive room....and drinking a Canadian...LOL Only one of us northern'ers would notice.
  7. So I just confirmed with version 4.3.14. I have icicles that are RGB 99 pixels 297 channels. All channels are converted to RGB. I opened up icicle one then expanded the colors on the 1st pixel and selected a fade down in the blue. Then I Collapsed the colors and selected the chase button and dragged through all 99 pixels and it chased nothing but the blue. If this doesn't work it might be the version of sequence editor that you're using. When they're converted to proper RGB channels they show up black Not Grey in the sequence editor
  8. So just curious... who here is still old school?

    My three RGB matrix props were boring me and I just didnt want to add more pixels. So last year I added a 'Retro-matix' using 6 new AC controllers and 96 led strings each wound up into a 5x5 square. I still like the led string look and I think it tones down the high tech aspects of the show. I also have 32 three color led mini trees which I love and plan on keeping them for a while. Something weird was the satisfaction of terminating and bundling 96 spt2 extension cords. When I am giving tours on how the show works, people 'get' the coolness of the 96 extension cords, but glaze over when I talk about RGB networks.
  9. Can't believe I'm asking this.....

    Dang, that took bells to admit that. LOL
  10. Can't believe I'm asking this.....

    By far, my favorite thread ......lmao. I lasted only 52 seconds. I thought it was bad when I sequenced Barbie's A Perfect Christmas last year.....phew
  11. So just curious... who here is still old school?

    So, now is it just me?
  12. After extensive testing last year, I discovered the culprit. It's not the controllers, it's LEDs, particularly RGB LEDs. I unplugged one controller after another and nothing. When I unplugged the last one, Success. I ended up using a timer to turn on the power supplies 30 minutes prior to show-time and 30 minutes after, they turned off. Only problem I had was during showtime when everything was powered on. I read afterwards not to use a LED bulb in the garage door motor either.
  13. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    multi colored bubbles
  14. What Time Do You End Your Show?

    10:00 Monday through Thursday, and 11:00 PM on Friday through Sunday. The neighbor across the street (who would be most affected) loves my lights. She tells me that she regularly sits in her living room and watches out the large window with the stereo turned to my FM. The neighbors on either side of me also enjoys the lights.
  15. My 1st Halloween Display

    Looks great. LOVE the pumpkin and skulls!!
  16. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    don't pop them
  17. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    bubbles in bathtub
  18. Laptop settings to keep controllers linked

    if you have the Win 10 good luck in turning off the auto updates. It is much easier to just not have it connected to the internet. turn off your router etc. so it doesn't connect.
  19. Halloween show time and days

    My halloween display is basically my xmas display...few elements get changes outg. So with the time/effort/cost to put together a display, I'm going to enjoy it the entire month of Oct...last night it when on. I will run it every night, 6-10 Sun-Thur and 6-11 on Fri-Sat. A little boy up the street just can't wait for it to start. Was up on ladders last weekent, installing and heard him coming up the street, all excited. He had to go get his mom and bring her to see me on the ladder. While I enjoy the technoloy side of it, how others react to our display is why we really do it. So if only 10 cars show up throughout the first week, they probably had a smile on their face. Whenever the boy and mom up the street are in their car at night, they always stop for a song or 2.