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  1. a31ford

    So just curious... who here is still old school?

    Im ao old school, my grandaughter calls me " so old that im older than dirt"
  2. Mr. P

    Audio Troubles! please help!

    Just do it the Hillbilly way, connect the fm transmitter to your computer then go park the truck out by the street with the radio on and the doors open.
  3. LightsWithSoul

    10w RGB Flood Mount

    So, I was presented with a design challenge on how to mount the 10w floods I purchased on the eave of my house. the catch (catches) were; 1: Tile roof, 2: The tile hung out over the fascia by a couple inches, and 3: I did not want to nail or screw anything in to the roof. So I needed to build a mount that would attach to the fascia, yet be able to reach up and over the tile to aim the flood on the second story wall. Here's my solution.. I used a closet organizer track as the main arm (just cut it to size), a couple basic (but strong) clamps, a metal "T" bracket and some bolts and washers. All products were bought at Lowe's. Cost a total of about $8 per mount. There are holes already drilled at even spaces along the track, and there are also holes drilled in the "t" bracket and the handle of the RGB flood. This did not require any drilling by me. The "t" bracket is mounted just as the letter is written, with the one arm sticking down below the fascia, and that is where I bolted in the closet organizer track. They are very strong (and they have to be to stand up to the 75mph gusts we get here) and don't require any screwing in to the fascia. Just thought I'd share in case anyone is ever looking to do something similar.
  4. ItsMeBobO

    What are you adding to your show this year?

    This is my original idea no matter what facts you present to the contrary. House from overhead google earth. The 'Megarch' would wrap around the house. Notice how I changed the name for you so I wouldn't infringe! Who needs back to back A's anyway.
  5. LightsWithSoul

    What are you adding to your show this year?

    You've been waiting to say that haven't you ;p
  6. Archer

    So just curious... who here is still old school?

    I'm talkin about "NO" DMX, or CCRs, CCPs, CCXYZs or even smarty strips. I barely know what an LED is....yes, I guess I am "old school". But I do have over 800 channrls from 50+ controllers in my light show.
  7. 75redman

    Your Christmas Work Area.

    Yes, that is impressive. My work space is what ever area is clear at the time. Sometimes it's the garage and sometimes it's the middle of the living room.
  8. sticks4legs

    Your Christmas Work Area.

    Impressive room....and drinking a Canadian...LOL Only one of us northern'ers would notice.
  9. So I just confirmed with version 4.3.14. I have icicles that are RGB 99 pixels 297 channels. All channels are converted to RGB. I opened up icicle one then expanded the colors on the 1st pixel and selected a fade down in the blue. Then I Collapsed the colors and selected the chase button and dragged through all 99 pixels and it chased nothing but the blue. If this doesn't work it might be the version of sequence editor that you're using. When they're converted to proper RGB channels they show up black Not Grey in the sequence editor
  10. Dcroc

    My 1st Halloween Display

    Looks great. LOVE the pumpkin and skulls!!
  11. mpageler

    Halloween show time and days

    My halloween display is basically my xmas display...few elements get changes outg. So with the time/effort/cost to put together a display, I'm going to enjoy it the entire month of Oct...last night it when on. I will run it every night, 6-10 Sun-Thur and 6-11 on Fri-Sat. A little boy up the street just can't wait for it to start. Was up on ladders last weekent, installing and heard him coming up the street, all excited. He had to go get his mom and bring her to see me on the ladder. While I enjoy the technoloy side of it, how others react to our display is why we really do it. So if only 10 cars show up throughout the first week, they probably had a smile on their face. Whenever the boy and mom up the street are in their car at night, they always stop for a song or 2.
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