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  1. Well, I've made my first ever Spiral Tree and I think it came out pretty good. Can't wait to get it into the display this year.Here is a video of the test. http://wireframedlites.com/videos/ST_TEST.mp4
  2. Santas Helper

    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    dang double post
  3. bostonchris81

    Somebody that I used to know Faces

    thanks bill !!
  4. DougP

    My First try at a Spiral Tree

    The bottom ring is in 4 sections. I unbolted it into 2 half's and folded in and it went through my door. You can also unbolt all 4 sections and it will be smaller.
  5. Ebuechner

    My First try at a Spiral Tree

    This Frame is something I found at Home Depot. It makes a great collapsible structure for pixels and would probably do a fantastic job for a spiral tree. It's six foot but I know many people would like to get this in an 8-foot. I kind of thought it would be up your alley and thought I would show it to you. here's a link with more photos. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BwDgEpqsgNhfVzhyVVJ1YnBRODA. The tree is packed away right now I figured you could use the photos to make one with your spin on it. The big thing with this tree are the wire hoops that are tack welded to the chains to make it collapsible. Let me know if you need more I can pull it out and get more details to you
  6. Ebuechner

    Mounting Strobes on PVC

    Show it the female coupling . Use the thick wall tubing and put a clip about every 18 to 24 inches.
  7. saxon

    changing from rbg to rgb

    I have 2 different color orders from HC from 2 different orders over the years. I was able to re assign in the SAndevice with all new being on its own output. My case was simple........ Why don't you just reassign the channel order in SE for each bad pixel(s)? This may be what Sax is recommending, if it is then let me add to it: > double click the "bad" rgb channel>then the 'RGB channel setting' dialog box pops up>UNcheck the box that says "automatically link channels">you can now switch the channel order, instead of 123(rgb) you make it 132(rbg). Once that is all done, export that configuration. Then import that that to all your other LMS.
  8. It's Expected Now

    Playing mp4 video with the sequence editor

    That's so exciting. I can't wait to put this all together. Saxon, I saw your videos on your website. That's really clean, nice work!
  9. This was my first year doing a Halloween light song. I was worried the neighbors would complain. In fact they thought it was really cool and most of them had never seen anything like it before. This was my closing song to the show on Halloween night. I felt it very appropriate for what its like to run a lightshow.
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