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  1. Totally agree. Hobbyist sometimes fall into the trp of everything has to be "flashy" and 1000's of colors when using rgb. There is a place for single colored, static light elements in displays. Instead of doing an average sequence job on many light elements, cut back and doing a better jobs on a few less elements.
  2. A lot of this will be determined on how your props are set up and placed in your preview. But to do a fade on from one prop to the next, say the front of the house from left to right, set up the props and group them together and put the effect in the group line. Use the Curtain Effect Edge- Right Movement- Close Speed- you decide If you want to start with one color and have it fade to another In the Color Mode check the "Start/End Colors" For one color change just use the first box (Red) and determine which 2 colors to use. If you're wanting to fade to/from specific props, just use the Colorwash and fade up on each prop. Again if you want to change colors, use the Color Mode section again. If you're looking to fade/chase each pixel on the strand use the Curtain Effect the same way. Hopefully this helps answer your question.
  3. And one more thing, I am also very impressed with the new Pixie controllers. Cool addition to the product line!
  4. Listening to the Chipmunks hundreds of times! Heck, I wanted to ring Alvin's neck!
  5. I sent you a file full... how many more are you looking for... you have over 23 with faces and over 75 of things from last year... plus some that a lot of others have sent you... Is it that you have not gotten the e mails that we keep sending to you? Maybe you gave us the wrong e mail address and you havent got them...
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