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  1. Just in time for Christmas in July.
  2. Hi All I've been struggling for 2 days and hoping to connect with someone to assist me with my new PixCon16. After several failed attempts to send data from my computer to the pixcon board I am trying to just start with basics. I am now just trying to determine if my board and lights are good first. I have reset the factory settings on the PixCon16 board. My setup: 2 of the following power supplies (https://www.radioshack.com/products/radioshack-13-8vdc-19a-power-supply?variant=5717083653) 1 string of lights on channel 1 (http://www.aliexpress.com/item/18AWG-wire-100pcs-string-DC12V-12mm-WS2811-addressable-RGB-led-smart-pixel-node-with-all-BLACK/32660514511.html) and one PixCon16 board, brand new delivered 2 weeks ago. I was able to connect to the board via my computer and was able to verify the firmware as 1.4.9 (this is even higher than what is currently published on the LOR support site, it shows the latest firmware as 1.4.8) Now I have taken the board off the network, done a factory reset, powered down and then powered back up Power Light: solid ON Status Light: solid ON This is suppose to indicate that the board is powered and is receiving data (though no cat5/data is running to the board) I then hold the Factory IP button for 3 seconds to put into Hardware test Power Light: solid ON Status Light: flashing rapidly This indicates that the hardware test is running However, no lights are lighting When I initially powered the board the lights did flash briefly white, so I think the lights are working. This flash of white on the string of lights/pixels does not happen every time i power the board though. Unfortunately I have no way to test lights independent of the board at this time. First question, obviously, do you see anything wrong with above? Secondly, in the config tool there is a setting on defining what type of pixels are running (in this case WS2811). Do you think that the pixels have to be defined before the hardware test pattern to run correctly? Or should the hardware test be able to run out of the box with its factory settings irregardless of the type of pixels? Appreciate any assistance!! Thanks
  3. Here is my house in blue. And the exposure for the blue LEDs is more pronounced through the camera than in person because of my cheapo camera. With a flash the exposure is calmed down a little. Tom
  4. Ok, For everyone that has been requesting Thriller its finally finished. 12 and 16 CCR versions. Hope you enjoy http://www.seasonalsequences.com
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