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  1. Plan your display very carefully. Determine what you need to buy and how much it will cost. Price things out and set a budget. Then triple the budget. -Scott
  2. I would absolutely say they are working on something. The nature of any business is if you are not looking to improve then you will be out of business at some point in the future. They are always tinkering and keeping an eye on the forums. Sometimes if only to see the direction people seem to be going or how they are using the Light O Rama products. What they like and what they don't or even to see something and say "Hey, that's a good idea!" (Some sort of face designer with built in channel assignments, maybe? Santa, singing trees, pumpkins, etc.) Either way, with technical problems I am certain they are always more than willing to help as they want their customers to be happy and for audiences to enjoy their shows. Who knows what they are working on (though we all know it is some sort of variation of beer pong ) but I'm sure it will be good.
  3. Personally, I think you guys do a great job!!
  4. DevMike I'll buy you that hotdog from Portillos when you come to town .
  5. Only an idiot would think LOR is sitting around the shop, drinking beer, and dreaming of sugar plums. I'm sure they are working on something. And that something, as usual, will address most of the users "wouldn't it be nice..." musings. I'm hoping it will be big, even if it costs me more money (another common whine). I look forward eagerly to whatever these guys come up with. New stuff has always made my display leap forward. Thanks for the effort, guys.
  6. Create your props with the idea of quick setup, fast take-down and easy storage. Start early. Depending on the type of show and size, you can actually start thinking about next year when you go live this year. Learn the right way to do something before you try to do it. Order early to avoid backups at crunch time. Be methodical with your sequencing. Take your time the first go around and there will be less tweaking later. Double check all solder connections on DIY toys prior to powering up. (less chance of letting out the secret smoke that's in all electronics)
  7. Don't get it in your head that it's a good idea to trim a bush after stringing lights in it.
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