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  1. Well... Sandra and I took the plunge into a yard train. Simple oval .. 4 corners, 48' on the long straight and 32' on the shorter straight. Started in January and this is where we are with it now .. http://moodychristmas.weebly.com/yard-train.html a lot of pictures and a couple of videos... We are not finished yet... but finally at a point where we can show a little of what we have done so far. Bob
  2. Dave is usually pretty responsive, so hopefully he has you up and running soon. I'm still leaning toward a problem with the configuration of that specific controller. Have you tried to set it up EXACTLY like the working controller? IP address and all? Is there a way to import or export the configuration? My controller is packed away so I can't check for myself. Mike
  3. Programming the song Santas is coming to town by Springsteen, I started and stopped working on that song for years
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