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  1. Allen Walterman

    CCR colors

    I have been away for some time but back to programming CCR's. I am using an old version sequence editor 2.9.4. In the past I have used basic colors and have no problem sequencing what bI want. My question is, Is there a cheat sheet somewhere on mixing other colors? I am trying for orange and yellow and not getting there. Any help would be appreciated. Allen
  2. George Simmons

    So Lost I am sweating

    My advice is to slow down and simplify. Forget about the RGB, the DMX, and the singing faces for now. Focus instead on getting a regular LOR controller connected so you can see some lights working. Once you have the basics down pat, the more challenging things are going to seem so much simpler.
  3. Mega Arch

    A Blue Christmas

    I agree Jim... I just changed my 50 watt floods to run BLUE ONLY, at least through May 21...
  4. bostonchris81

    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    For Taco Bell
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