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  1. I believe I've reached the end of my troubleshooting prowess. If Dev Mike doesn't notice this thread when he approves my posts before unhiding them, you might want to send him a PM.
  2. T.W.E.N.T.Y. . . . T.H.R.E.E...?? I don't even want to think about ever having to program 23 controllers... Good luck! ~Matt
  3. TWENTY THREE controllers??? Wow! Congrats... I think. Mike
  4. And you Don, my friend that I've never met in person, are partly the reason why. For without the brains and experience guys like you bring to the party, guys like me wouldn't be buying more controllers.
  5. I will be working on some type of voice announcement. I just started a group called A Blue Christmas. If you are interested in helping spread the word and participating please join. This will for posting information and news on the campaign.https://www.facebook.com/groups/ABlueChristmas/
  6. hey Brucey I can offer you this, The CCRs will be very bright and fill more area and is best used for a flat (2d) tree. It shows animations better. The CCP is great especially if you are building a 360 tree (3d) for you can see through the tree to the other side much easier. That's not to say you could not do both with either. This is just my opinion and many people have made half or flat trees with nodes (CCP). If you go to brains website, superstar.com you can see videos of both styles of trees - a 12 ribbon flat with CCR and a 360 round tree with 6 CCPs. Hope that helps.
  7. Any suggestions for song are appreciated. I have also reached out to several officers in my family to see what they suggest. I Have also registered the domain www.abluechristmas.com so look for a web site soon
  8. PSY is that ANTI AMERICAN A hole, there wouldn't be a snowballs chance in hell that song would ever be used.
  9. shfr26


    I do not like the song and would never use it, just my opinion. In response to only using "Christmas music", I use several types of music. Some of the non Christmas tune are the favorite of the folks that stop by. A sort of wise man once said " they are Christmas lights set to music, not Christmas music set to lights" or something like that.
  10. Grinch.....I intend to come up with something.....if any of you are attending a local event, please bring the subject up. Thanks
  11. This is just me and I will probably get flack over it but... Sometimes you have to draw the line on what the meaning of Christmas is all about and some things belong in certain places. I'm all about doing things for children, especially my own son, but I'm also about teaching the reason for the season. If I heard a song like that in a Christmas display, I would drive off to another display that showed the Christmas spirit in a heart beat. And that isn't the only song that others here are doing, I would react the same. I'm just saying... That's just me.
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