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  1. Here are some I made a couple of years ago from coro. They hold up great and are very very easy to make (2 pieces of coro each).
  2. Just download the new version and install. No need to remove the old version or anything like that. Assuming your licence covers that version (sounds like it does) then there is nothing else you need to do.
  3. A song I have sequenced in the past is Los Peces en el Rio by RBD. I don't have any sequences with the singing faces unfortunately.
  4. I wanted to share our new props from our 2015 show. We did Snoopy and The Red Barron and in parts of that song "town" bells go off. My wife asked while watching my visualizer as I was programming it if I could make bells since I make all of our display elements. I don't know how to weld so I made them out of 1/2 PVC. I used a heat gun to soften them and borrowed a spring tool my electrician brother in law has to bend without kinks. I was looking for something to use as a template to get the curve I wanted when I noticed my hand truck. In the first picture you see it is attached to the hand truck with zip ties as I bent it around. I then flared it out, let cool, then flared down deciding on a cut point then used elbows to form the bottom and t-fittings to allow for the bell dinger/dong to be glued in place. I then painted them (4) black and used CDI's gold/yellow M6 50 count to string them. I obviously had extra so I just used black out caps. I had these in a real tree positioned as if they were ringing and tried not to be exactly straight up and down. Please feel free to copy my idea and I hope you like them. If you want to see them in action, I have the video on our website: www.saunderschristmaslights.com Later, Al
  5. Vacations are highly over rated. You spend all that money in a few days or a week and then its just a memory of how much fun you had relaxing. But Christmas lights go up every year and require you to work all year long to get the show perfect for several weeks that the lights are on. Then you get to take them all down in the cold and store them for a year. Hmmm wait a minute Now the vacation sounds like a great idea. Now I am confused.
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