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  1. I made Bells

    I wanted to share our new props from our 2015 show. We did Snoopy and The Red Barron and in parts of that song "town" bells go off. My wife asked while watching my visualizer as I was programming it if I could make bells since I make all of our display elements. I don't know how to weld so I made them out of 1/2 PVC. I used a heat gun to soften them and borrowed a spring tool my electrician brother in law has to bend without kinks. I was looking for something to use as a template to get the curve I wanted when I noticed my hand truck. In the first picture you see it is attached to the hand truck with zip ties as I bent it around. I then flared it out, let cool, then flared down deciding on a cut point then used elbows to form the bottom and t-fittings to allow for the bell dinger/dong to be glued in place. I then painted them (4) black and used CDI's gold/yellow M6 50 count to string them. I obviously had extra so I just used black out caps. I had these in a real tree positioned as if they were ringing and tried not to be exactly straight up and down. Please feel free to copy my idea and I hope you like them. If you want to see them in action, I have the video on our website: www.saunderschristmaslights.com Later, Al
  2. Pixel Editor Files Gone!

    If it's a Pixel editor file, find the file in Windows file explorer, should be a .LPE extension and show the Pixel editor icon. Double click the file and it should open Pixel Editor and load. Once you get it loaded, do a File Save As to your normal location. If it is a .LMS file you should be able to find it in the file open dialog of Pixel Editor when you click on File Open. May have to hunt it down, but it sounds like you know where it is. If you are loading it successfully, but it is empty you may have inadvertently overwritten it with an empty file. You can check for a .BAK file extension and rename it to .LMS and see if it opens but it may be empty too. Always a good idea to have multiple copies of your work on an external drive or USB key or in the cloud, on Google , Dropbox or similar. They all have a free option.
  3. Most annoying thing to program?

    2112? Most annoying thing to program? The Wife.
  4. I made Bells

    Great looking bell. You will have to bring it to the mini for show & tell.
  5. I made Bells

    Excellent use of a two-wheeler!
  6. Most annoying thing to program?

    Try sequencing a RUSH song. Painful.
  7. Who else has a 2016 budget of $0?

    I am currently working on my 2018 budget as I had spent my 16 and 17s budget already. After the spring sale I'll be working on my 2020 budget.