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  1. Santas Helper

    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    or Kaley Cuoco
  2. George Simmons

    Most annoying thing to program?

    Funny you should say that. I'm in the process of dusting off my old Wizards sequence this week. I haven't used it since 2012, but I made the mistake of asking Sharon to give me an opinion on a new WIW sequence I wrote to sell in my sequence store. That led to a discussion that I was, from the beginning, doomed to lose because it's one of her favorite display songs. (Not that she'd ever use the number of pixels she bought me for 2016 as leverage or anything ...) BTW - "Over rated" is not a phrase you'd use if you'd ever seen TSO live in concert.
  3. PhilMassey

    Pixel Editor Files Gone!

    If it's a Pixel editor file, find the file in Windows file explorer, should be a .LPE extension and show the Pixel editor icon. Double click the file and it should open Pixel Editor and load. Once you get it loaded, do a File Save As to your normal location. If it is a .LMS file you should be able to find it in the file open dialog of Pixel Editor when you click on File Open. May have to hunt it down, but it sounds like you know where it is. If you are loading it successfully, but it is empty you may have inadvertently overwritten it with an empty file. You can check for a .BAK file extension and rename it to .LMS and see if it opens but it may be empty too. Always a good idea to have multiple copies of your work on an external drive or USB key or in the cloud, on Google , Dropbox or similar. They all have a free option.
  4. Al Saunders

    I made Bells

    Hi Andy, Glad you like it. I am planning on bringing one to the mini and was thinking of giving one away as a door prize. Later, Al
  5. Dcroc

    Most annoying thing to program?

    2112? Most annoying thing to program? The Wife.
  6. Andy Anderson

    I made Bells

    Great looking bell. You will have to bring it to the mini for show & tell.
  7. George Simmons

    I made Bells

    Excellent use of a two-wheeler!
  8. mcha

    Who else has a 2016 budget of $0?

    I am currently working on my 2018 budget as I had spent my 16 and 17s budget already. After the spring sale I'll be working on my 2020 budget.
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