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  1. Tennessee Spring Mini All are invited, not just the folks from TN. WHEN: Saturday, March 19, 2016 WHERE: Cleveland, TN (Just north of Chattanooga off of I-75) 3787 Blue Springs Road in Cleveland, TN TIME: TBD (typically 9 am – 4 pm) We’ll take up $$ for lunch, usually pizza. Agenda to follow. We'll be bouncing around a few ideas over the next week or so and will update then. Since all of us, it seems, had some sort of problem, or as we lovingly called it "Gremlins" this year, a lessons learned topic will probably be in there somewhere. Ideas? If there's anything you'd like to talk about, post about it here and we'll put it on the list.
  2. HEY! this is my hat that i ordered. I am the first to get it It should be here tomorrow and i cant wait to test it out. Doug you should post a pic of it on the face.
  3. Hey all, I am looking to sell the remainder of my LOR AC controllers. I think three of them are PC type, 30A. Two are the D type 40A controllers. All 16 channels. All in cases with some type of cables coming out of the case. I know two of the PC series controllers have zip cord and vampire plug cabling coming out. These were all working and will be verified to be working before I would ship them out, otherwise I will send them to LOR to inspect. The controllers have been used appropriately for many years. I bought the 12 LOR controllers I had between 2006 and 2010, so these are from that time range. When I sold the first seven a few years back, I believe they went around $150. I don't know what folks are paying these days, so let's start at $150 and go down, i.e. make some offers. Please PM me if interested. Thanks for looking. Louie
  4. Can you make CCr strips not from LOR work using the LOR CCR controler?
  5. Among other reasons, my 10 controllers will be load balanced across 3 pixel controllers. Plus I need the LOR controllers in DMX mode for other non-LOR-forum related solutions.
  6. Hi Blackwolf - yes, that's exactly correct. I always keep a few dongles around just to test things out before putting them on the network but that's it. I like Holiday Coro's controllers because of the RS485 take-off feature. I have no desire to lose my LOR controllers because I make talking / singing light props made up of AC light strings that are controlled by them just fine. Good luck and make sure to consult Holiday Coro's documentation for the pin-outs and CAT 5 color-code hookups.
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