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  1. Here is one of my 2015 videos, I just shot and up-loaded it last night. Came out kinda cute. Both these little guys voices are me playing with an audio editor.(yes that's really me ) Let me know what you think. It always gets a laugh out of my "stalkers"
  2. Clearview Christmas had a special dedication in our show this year....
  3. Cat5 can be a crossover or a patch, a patch is wired straight through.
  4. Smith zone check the pre sale prices at Holiday Coro he has black wire pixels on sale for a few more days
  5. I am going to get a Falcon board. I think that it is all quite easy to set up. If you are only going to have one controller, you can just connect an old router to your PC and the controller and use multicast. It takes seconds to set up. I use unicast as I have multiple pixel controllers and DMX bridges.
  6. try CDi (creative displays) as well. Got some great xeon strobes from him years ago that still work great!!!
  7. Bittersweet. Bitter because I have to take the display down and store it Sweet because I get to take the display down and store it.
  8. We took down our display this weekend. Five days to put up, two days to take down. And as we took it down we labeled most of the homemade extension cords to make it easier for next year. Then we immediately mowed our yard because it was like a JUNGLE since we forgot to mow it before putting out the decorations in November. So now we are back to normal. =(
  9. You are getting it. You will paste in the former individual colors to combine them. Read up on the paste options for how to combine rows.
  10. So you build props in the nude? Interesting.
  11. Definitely depressing!! I've been crying off and on all night!! I won't actually start tearing down for a few days, because I've got a couple of people that didn't get to see it, so I'll run it when they can finally make it over, plus I'm not sure I want to deal with the weather for a few days. Then the fun of deconstruction starts. This was my first year. It was to be mostly my husbands creation (brains, anyway), I was manual labor. Until he passed away in March 2015. We had enough stuff constructed, that I felt I had to proceed - even if only a more elaborate static light display. I attended PNW CLAP, and with the assurance that area lighters were willing to help, I purchased the additional necessary controllers, and continued working on lights ALL summer!! Sure enough, Matt (rainyoregonchristmas) & his son, Brandon (bwhitehead), zooo & his wife, and Darin Miller, all showed up and got this LOR clueless gal running!! Matt & Brandon especially stepped up, and did the animation for me!!! I will be FOREVER indebted to all of them, because they are the reason that my husband's vision came to life!!! Thanks for all your help and support!!!
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