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  1. I dont care what anyone calls it, the kids love it and when i have 4 little girls singing along at thew top of their lungs, that is the only acceptance i need.
  2. Not listening to the wife. She comes up some ideas that sound like they are out in left field. But come Christmas time we see them in the stores or someone has made it themselves. So listen to Her ideas no matter what.
  3. After all the extremely great ideas and useful help and I have received from this forum, I finally feel I can share something back. I purchased six of the LOR RGB 50W floods this year and first let me say I LOVE them. They completely wash my two story house and its an even wash not the cone like wash I used to get from regular floods. One of the best purchases I have ever bought. Thanks LOR. Anyway, back to the reason I originally started this thread. I didn't want these to sit on the ground so I needed to come up with a quick and easy method of mounting them off the ground. Wandering around HomeDepot looking for ideas, I stumbled on small black milk crates and the idea just came to me. I bought six of them and the necessary bolts and washers and it was back to my workshop for construction. I have attached pictures and the funny thing is that when this idea came to me, I only thought of how I would keep the floods of the ground, I didn't even realize the greatest benefit of all which was the protection they provide for each light during storage. THEY STACK ON TOP OF EACH OTHER AND PROTECT THE LIGHT BELOW. I now need to get two more so I can provide protection for the top two when storing them. I have attached pictures so you can see what I am talking about. Hopefully someone else will find this useful. I finally feel that I can pay back a little for all of the knowledge I have received from the great people on this forum. Merry Christmas to all. John
  4. This is our house in Seattle in the news. I'm just hardware support, my 14 year old autistic stepson does all the programming. We had 16 channels last year in Phoenix. Moved to Seattle in August, new house, added another 16 channels for 32 total. Dean ------------------------ Teen with autism the brains behind Christmas light show A 14-year-old Seattle boy is the brains behind an elaborate Christmas light show in the Green Lake neighborhood. Check out this story on KING5.com: http://www.king5.com/story/news/local/seattle/2015/12/19/autism-seattle-teen-christmas-lights/77615698/
  5. I finally got around to filming and editing the video. Hope you enjoy!
  6. My 4 year old loves her Barbie Christmas Movie "A Perfect Christmas". So this is for her.......I have to fix the beginning, don't like it now lol, but the rest is good I think. Light-o-rama Display of 96 channels/29,000 lights
  7. Finally got a video of our display. This is one of four songs in our display. I'll get more footage in the coming days of the other 3 songs (and find time to edit it). This is our first year doing lights so we were very excited to get to share it with our neighbors, friends and family. Thanks to everyone here for the help and support.
  8. I agree with many here. TGCLF is a Las Vegas show. Most of us do this within a budget and do the work ourselves (with a few elves sometimes). This is my 9th season and I fully enjoy it. But what I get the most enjoyment out of is sitting outside waiting for my cue to hand out candy canes listening to the kids in the cars either singing at the top of their lungs or hearing them say "did you see that?" When i walk up to the car I tell the parents "that's why I do it" point to their children in the back seat still wide eyed! All the glitter and glamour can't compete with that.
  9. I do that plus every-time I am in a Menards/Lowes/HomeDepot I am looking at their inventory and thinking "hmmm, I could build a cool prop out of that". Only 20% of my purchase at those places are for things to be used for their original intent. You know it's bad when store employee's look at you and say "Halloween, Christmas, or are you actually going to repair something".
  10. And all mine are still working great since the hack described in that link.
  11. My 2015 videos can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLe2CC74dateqcSNXLyzGIviuMLKDIrM8w New this year is the matrix and the Pixabulbs under the soffit.
  12. Thank you for the kind support. I can tell you that I did nothing for the show that wasn't planned before they asked me to do it. My display is the same every night it plays, (3 nights a week).. and the same as I played it for the cameras. (me being in the front of the display during part of a song instead of greeting traffic is the only exception). I have only four songs and they are all Christmas themed. (have to keep it short due to traffic). So I guess the bottom line is that not everyone changed it up for the cameras..
  13. Guys and Gals ! Chill out. The show as not created or intended to appeal to light designers. It was created to appeal to the average Joe (or Jane). As such the stuff that we look for is minimal to them. Think about how a Forensic Scientist looks at any of the CSI shows (likely throws up after every episode if they would even look at one). For us, we want exactness and setup information, for most of those that stop by to see your show or google it, they want pretty and fun and could care less what brand controller was used only that is looks and sounds nice and makes them SMILE. Remember what season this is anyway. Merry Christmas to ALL !!.
  14. While I'm happy for the contestants and the energy, the bottom line is anyone reasonably can put on a display for one night, and go all out if necessary...complete with hot air balloons, luau, firetrucks, dancers, etc.... It's not a show until its repeatable every night, in my opinion.
  15. MEGA... I think I just let some P%^ out !!! LMAO ! Greg
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