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  1. To start the Great Christmas light fight is getting annoying to begin with. Is this a Dance show or is it supposed to be about light displays. That's actually irritating unless those people are going to be dancing every night in your display from beginning to end it's not a part of your display. I can go on about a few other things but I'll just bite my words for now. The thing that ticked me off is the post on their facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/TheGreatChristmasLightFight/photos/a.947516475319861.1073741828.943609729043869/951056548299187/?type=3&theater I guess unless you pay a lot of money to win in this show (Which is another thing that gets me with this pissing match) you're a Lighting no. But if you dump a lot of money to win the show you automatically become a PRO. Rant temporary off.
  2. This years display is smaller because we're in the process of moving to a much, much larger public area following the onslaught of traffic last year. Hopefully, by this time next year it will be finished! Including our 80' tree, refitted with 12,800 pixels and elevated with a walkway inside it! Until then, S4 continues to work flawlessly this year with 19k channels. Here is a video of "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" by Casting Crowns. https://youtu.be/Z0NbkBhvatA Randall
  3. just a tip for the Newbies... be very very careful here... Its really very very easy to catch THE LOR CLAP!!!
  4. Just an update after last weekend's big snow storm (with more coming this weekend) the matrix looks even better under the snow. I took some quick video in between down falls. The wind blew a good chunk of the snow off the top 1/4 of the matrix, but the bottom half had about 4-5 inches still and the bright LED's shown through with no problems. Made it look better actually. Forgive the unsteadiness of the film as I was just holding my phone with my shivering hands. Check out the rest of my videos under Engh-Lights. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfZrZsIlbfI
  5. This is a bug. It will be fixed in the next release. Thanks for pointing it out! Matt
  6. Bulbs have more of a traditional C9 Christmas light bulb style and pixels are more like a simple LED and housing. You can use either for your roofline and windows. Ribbons, done well, have a cleaner straight modern look. However are much harder and it does involve cutting. Now you can still use the extra bits of CCRs with Light-O-Rama's new Pixcon 16 pixel controller, so there is little wastage.
  7. One of my favorite questions is "How do you get the radio station to play your music?". +1 on the other questions mentioned. Mark
  8. Neighbor: "Why would you waste your time and money putting up all these lights?" Me: "So I can enjoy the smile on your wife and kid's faces"
  9. I think a lot of displays now could be put up anytime during the year and run for whatever holiday or event. To each their own but this time of year I enjoy Christmasy displays. This show is no longer about Christmas lights imho.
  10. And I ask the same thing when I see non-Christmas music being sequenced and played in Christmas displays. But then again, TSO uses fireballs.
  11. Dumbest show i have seen. What they are showing is Las Vegas glitter, not a real light show. Last week they have some guy that has fire balls in his show, what the hell does that have to do with Christmas? The first year they had some real shows, then it turned in to a "who can create a better Las Vegas show". Just so it is known, i am against lasers in a show as well. Had a neighbor offer me a couple of those laser star lights things that are people are buying up, turned it down. My show will remain a Christmas Light Show, i will not turn it into a Vegas show. Oh, and i wont build no lame artificial castles and fill the yard with Blow molds.
  12. Once a sequence is written to the SD card, it is not possible to convert it back to a format usable by the Sequence Editor.
  13. It's all about money and who can spend the most and recover a possible fraction of what they spent. Some of the "winners" they've picked would never have been my choice, but someone just might be padding pockets somewhere along the way. I would never be on that show and yes, I was asked once. Turned them down, just don't that kind of exposure, not that I'd get it, as my modest little display would probably be pushed right over into their "Lighting NO" category.
  14. Rainy Oregon Christmas.... 'cause that's what we get...every....year...never snow for Christmas..................... I have yet to have it snow while my display is up. Usually waits until the end of January, or February for a dusting...maybe. Sometimes we go a year or three without getting any snow. So, I just resigned to the fact that Christmas in Oregon looks like rain... oh look it's raining again. seriously... it is.... 10 inches since this month started... three and a half more expected in the next two days... then another storm comes in and more rain.... -RainyOregonchiStmaS (and if you see me spell my name like this... the capitol letters happen to spell my last name. Just another layer of fun and games. -Matt Ross
  15. the problem with blue cords is when you plug in red lights the blue electrons turn them purple. And you have to set Smurf traps so they don't chew on the cords
  16. Mix Average Takes the weighted average (weight is specified by the slider) of the corresponding pixels in the left and right windows. This works well for taking most (or all) of one side, but at the 50% mark the results can be dim (where you should consider Mix Maximum or Mix Overlay instead). Mix Overlay The right effect is used as a background. Then the colored (non-black) portions of the left effect are displayed on top of it. Mix Maximum For each corresponding pair of pixels, the maximum of the red, green, and blue components are calculated to form the result. This produces a mix of the 2 effects with the brightest result. However, colors can change. As an extreme example, a red colorwash on the left mixed with a green colorwash on the right results in a yellow colorwash in the middle. If you want to preserve colors, consider the Mix Overlay mode instead. Mix Bottom Top This splits the result into top and bottom portions. The left effect gets displayed in the bottom portion and the right effect in the top portion. The slider controls where the split occurs. Mix Left Right This splits the result into left and right portions. The left effect gets displayed in the left portion and the right effect in the right portion. The slider controls where the split occurs. Mix Rt hides Lt The effect on the left is displayed as the result, with the following constraint: the pixel on the left only gets displayed if the corresponding pixel on the right is black. Mix Rt reveals Lt The effect on the left is displayed as the result, with the following constraint: the pixel on the left only gets displayed if the corresponding pixel on the right has color (i.e. is not black).
  17. I have been a customer of LOR since 2012. Approximately 3 times I needed to contact customer service. In those 3 times their customer service has went above and beyond for me. I have said it before and I will say it again. LOR has the best customer service of ANY company I have ever dealt with!!!! I have considered purchasing other equipment from other vendors but with LOR's great customer support I think I will continue with this company. I have seen people complain of LOR's price but I am willing to continue to pay a little more for great products and the great support that comes with their products. Keep up the good work LOR!!!!!! You have made me a very happy customer once again!!!!!!!!!
  18. CLAP - Christmas Light Addiction Problem
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