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  1. Slowpoke

    Newbie lighting up tonight,I hope

    It's lit up ! Had a few small delays , but all lights working as they should . WOW ! What an amazing sight after the months and months of preparations. I'm pretty amazed at it myself , as I'm sure you all are with your display too . I think the wife was making a video of my "happy dance" in the yard , but I didn't care. My lights are working !
  2. I built an inventory of "shared" seuqnces and use them to help build or expand my sequences. So a lot of copy/pasting of selected channel from shared sequences. Some of my sequences are a blend of elements from 3-5 shared sequences. It does take time to research shared sequences to find channels that I can match to my light element. Once I've done this, I still do a fair amount of tweeking and some manual sequences. But it's still much more effecient than 100 percent scatch built sequencing. John Storms...listentooutlights, has a couple sequencing tutorial video on how he sequence and worth to look see.
  3. petertirrell

    Basic setup for indoor Christmas tree lights

    Thanks everyone for all the help and advice! I think I've got a good idea of some things to begin with. Thanks!
  4. Santas Helper

    70 foot "megatree" ?

    Did someone say Ham? I'm KF5VCW although I'm not very active on the radio except during tornado season. JRF, My mega tree uses 33" of Rohn 45 tower. Sure makes it nice for climbing up and down. Tom
  5. mikejk67

    Animation Repository

    12 ribbon Candle from Jamills706.zipWith permission of the original author/designer, Jamills706, I am uploading a zip of his 24 ribbon candle converted to a 12 ribbon file. Because he had twice the resolution horizontally, I had to change the very nice candle base with handle to a very plain base. Thanks again Jamills706 for your design.
  6. Winners have been announced for the 2014 Christmas contest. Follow this link: http://www1.lightorama.com/contest-winners-christmas-2014/ Link went up a few days ago. It's under videos, Christmas videos on the home page.
  7. kingfish

    What is your setlist for your show this year?

    i run 7 songs for 30 mins then repeat
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