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  1. First of all, just want to say thank you to all the members here on the forum. I learned a wealth of information by reading all the posts. And thanks for sharing , I did make my sequences from scratch but nice to see how everyone else did it and learned a lot by checking them out. I have 6 sequences completed and may add a couple more. I purchased two controllers, have about 8500 led lights, with a singing tree , two arches, two megatrees, and various house lights. Everything is up and wired , after ordering more spt wire, twice. Controllers are mounted and everything plugged in . Tonight I will run the cat 5 cable to them and try it out . I really can't wait to see it all in action ! A lot of you on here have been doing this a while , but being my first year , the anticipation is nerve racking for me . Remember your first year ? I hope everything goes according to plan . Thank you to light o rama for the awesome products and top notch customer service. Keeping my fingers crossed for successful night tonight . Jesse.
  2. Basic setup for indoor Christmas tree lights

    Thanks everyone for all the help and advice! I think I've got a good idea of some things to begin with. Thanks!
  3. I salute all vets today

    I salute all vets today!!!!From retired Walter Davidson Retired ARMY Vet Vietnam war vet.
  4. I salute all vets today

    Though I served for 5 years active and 3 more with the guard. I was fortunate not to server during a conflict. So a big thanks to those of you who served, but even a larger thanks to those who risked their lives during a conflict. I feel like a weenie compared to those who served during a conflict.
  5. I salute all vets today

    salute to all from vietnam AIR FORCE B-52 tail gunner
  6. I salute all vets today

    From a Retired AIR FORCE Vietnam war vet thanks for your service also.
  7. Animation Repository

    12 ribbon Candle from Jamills706.zipWith permission of the original author/designer, Jamills706, I am uploading a zip of his 24 ribbon candle converted to a 12 ribbon file. Because he had twice the resolution horizontally, I had to change the very nice candle base with handle to a very plain base. Thanks again Jamills706 for your design.
  8. I salute all vets today

    Thanks for the salute. Servered from 1988-1996. US Army Field Artillery!
  9. I salute all vets today

    A salute back to you Water and all the other vets and active servicemen & servicewomen out there and their families from a Navy Vietnam Era vet.
  10. Winners have been announced for the 2014 Christmas contest. Follow this link: http://www1.lightorama.com/contest-winners-christmas-2014/ Link went up a few days ago. It's under videos, Christmas videos on the home page.