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  1. Santas Helper

    TSO 2015 Tour Announced

    Tickets for our location go on sale on my birthday. September 11th. Each time they come to Oklahoma, I will go every time. Reason is they change the stage layout and moving light rafters and platforms. It's different every year. I prefer the second section back on the floor. Not too close and not too far. But close enough to get snow falling on us.
  2. PhilMassey

    TSO 2015 Tour Announced

    There has always been two groups. East and West
  3. TGabriel

    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Spinning candy canes
  4. dougd

    Everything in Every Song?

    This has been debated in the past. I am one myself who gives them everything in every song. If they only stay for one song they got the whole display. I just have a hard time holding back for some reason.
  5. Eric walls

    CMB24 Enclosure ideas?

    I mounted mine along with a power supply in the Cableguard 1500. You might be able to use something smaller but I like to have a little room to work with because of my fat fingers.
  6. I am planning on closing my show this year with A Soldiers Silent Night on my singing trees and then possibly a simple recording announcing the next show time for the next night and possibly a really short fade out of all my lights as the announcement plays for about 15 to 20 seconds.. This is the sound file but I plan on doing it for my singing/talking tree which I am adding this year to my display. Not just because I was military for almost 33 years but most of my friends and Family are military and I live very close to a military base... and I always remember them in my shows be it Halloween, Christmas, valentines day (nest year) or 4th of July.
  7. NV1985

    For the new folks

    Newbie here! And I got started back in September. Its been tuff with only my 16 channels, planning to start early next year and double up!
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