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  1. I am a stones throw from central time so it doesnt get dark until 6pm. Show starts promptly at 6 every night. Show runs till 10:45 every weekday night, 11:30 on weekends. Week of Christmas it goes till at least 11 and sometimes midnight.
  2. Like Robert I too get a lot of traffic, including lines waiting at times. I'm in the cul de sac with one other house. In my experience traffic will be at it's worst when your local students are out of school fire the holidays. This is how things usually go for me. Show starts at 6. Pretty calm with traffic. By 630/7 it gets busy fire a couple hours. Dies down by 9/10. Like I said the busiest is when kids get out of school. The other buddy times are the two weekends before Christmas. To me your case is not typical though with 16 houses. You probably will have many more busy days given the fact you have 16 houses working together. I'm changing up my hours to accommodate myself and my neighbors. I'm doing a 545-630 then restart at 8-10 or so. Gives my family and neighbors a break. After 9 years going on ten it is needed.
  3. I normally start mine somewhere around 6:30pm at the start of the season. As the weeks go by I move to 5:30pm. I too live on a cul de sac. I know some of the issues you are running into for traffic. (Have a pic on my front page of the website - http://burtonchristmaslights.tk/ ) Have some suggestions for you; 1) I live at the last house BEFORE the cul de sac itself. I have a sign to encourage cars to stop at my driveway (not blocking it) and wait. We only want three cars at a time in front of the house on the opposite side of the street. This keeps cars from backing up in front of the house (blocking the opposite side) and also opens up three driveways at the end of the street. Yeah, it does block a few drives up the street, but not normally. I can control this if I am directing traffic. I stop cars from going around if there are three in front of the house. This also allows the neighbors to come and go. If someone jumps out of line, I nicely tell them that we would have a lot of cars mad at me if I allowed them to cut. They now have to go get back in line if they want to see the show ;-) 2) I normally start getting a load of vehicles about a week or more in front of Christmas. That pic on my website is typical for that time period. Was taken on Dec.20th, about 3 houses down. Here is what I had posted on my facebook account from Dec.20th; 5:30 to 6:30pm - Whole playlist that has been posted (all the videos posted) 6:30 to 7:30pm - Jing,Jing,Jing, All I Want For Christmas Is You, I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day, War Eagle, Let It Go 7:30 to 8:15pm - We drop "All I Want..." from the list 8:15 to 9:00pm - We drop "War Eagle" from the list 9:00 to 10:00pm - Let It Go and Jing,Jing,Jing Keep in mind our full playlist was something like 35 to 40 minutes worth. 3) Going back to directing traffic... I didn't give the folks a choice. Once the next "set" came up, they had to move on. Especially if there were more cars in line. So I REALLY pushed (talking with people that wanted to see more) to come early. Many nights I had cars lined up before the show would even start... and it was still light outside! Crazy. 4) Traffic cones. I use these for my drive, my neighbors drive (with signs not to block) and also for where the cars pull up to in order to watch across the street. I also have a big traffic cone to put in front of the car to stop them from going on around the cul de sac. I use this while I am directing traffic alone. Probably more info than you wanted. Just can feel your pain being on a cul de sac. BTW. I ALWAYS take a plate of cookies a day or so after Christmas to all of my surrounding neighbors. If they have a favorite chart, I make sure it is in the show. I also made sure my power on my radio station (yes, it is legal!) to powerful enough for the neighbor across the street to be able to watch AND hear it from her front bedroom. That tickles her when she has guests over ;-)
  4. Since we have that stupid daylight savings time crap where I am, Halloween shows when I have them start at 7:30pm{still not dark} until 10pm Sunday~Thursday and 'til 11pm Friday and Saturday, with the show running 'til Midnight on Halloween night. Christmas, when the time changes back to what I consider "normal", Christmas show starts at 5:30pm through 10pm Sunday~Thursday, 11pm Friday and Saturday. Christmas Eve show runs through Christmas morning{musical lightshow will end at 2am, outdoor speakers are either turned off or down to very, very low at midnight} I also run a daytime music only show for each holiday, the music only shows shuts down about 5 minutes before the first lightshow runs. Then I run overnight animation sequences for each holiday after the last musical lightshow has ended until the daytime music starts. So my schedules look something like this: Halloween Day Music only ~ 7am - 7:25pm / 7 days a week Halloween Animated Musical Light Display ~ 7:30pm-10pm Sun-Thu / 7:30pm~11pm Fri/Sat / 7:30pm-12:00am{midnight} Halloween night. Halloween Overnight Animation ~ 10pm-7am Sun-Thu / 11pm~7am~Fri/Sat Christmas Day Music Only ~ 7am-5:25pm / 7 days a week Christmas Animated Musical Light Display ~ 5:30pm-10pm Sun-Thu/5:30pm-11pm Fri/Sat / 5:30pm-2am Christmas Eve through Christmas morning Christmas Overnight Animation ~ 10pm-7am Sun-Thu / 11pm-7am Fri/Sat
  5. Huh! I learned something new today.
  6. Daniel, GREAT JOB DUDE !!! Your going to have to explain the "tweeks" you made ... Every attempt I have made to use Instant Sequence turned out looking like a wacked out meth-head running around in a room full of light switches ... Kudos ... Bob
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