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  1. dougd

    CCR Tree Base Width

    Anything from 2014 is total distance at the bottom of 7.5 feet. 6 inch spacing at the bottom.
  2. Old Sarge

    Why We Do It.

    I do it because I stopped smoking and spend my Tobacco money on LOR stuff and Lights etc. also It helps me keep my finger and mind busy so I don't think about smoking as much because I have never smoked in the house.... I dont do it for kids.... I dont do it for neighbors.... they cant see my display and I live in the country so I dont do it for people driving down the street..... Only have 1 neighbor who can see it..... I dont do it for the News Crews... or the news papers.... anyone else has to have permission and I have to open my gates to let them into my property.... It can be seen from far far away down the valley if someone knows where to look and has a telescope as I live on the side of a mountain... I do it because I Like the Pretty Lights and I Support making our people who work at the electric company have job security.... and makes the stock holders have more spending money after Christmas to pay those credit card bills with.. I Do It Just Because i Can.... I have like maybe 10 family members who get to see it if they come over for Christmas or during the days I have it up.. I do it because I like spending all my saved money for lights decorations etc... I dont plan on having a huge savings left over for Kids and Grandkids to fight over when I am gone.... LOL They can fight over lights, decorations and LOR controllers...
  3. pyrotech

    How many devices on a DMX Universe

    I think there is some confusion going on here. Hopefully, I can clear it up. First off, as everyone has said, a single DMX universe can have a maximum of 512 channels. The confusion is with the number of devices on a DMX universe. If you have a device that has only one channel, you could absolutely have 512 DEVICES on a single universe. The 32 device limit that everyone keeps commenting on is NOT a limitation of the DMX universe. It is a limitation of a single daisy-chained cable run. You cannot (should not) exceed 32 device hops on a single cable run. But, if you have independent outputs, or a DMX splitter, you can have as many runs as you want (each run cannot exceed 32 devices) and therefore, you can theoretically have 512-single channel devices on one universe! Hope this clears up any confusion.
  4. sax

    LOR's New Pixcon16

    Hmmmm. Could be a nice addition. Watching closely. Cost being key element.
  5. DevMike

    LOR's New Pixcon16

    We are currently updating the firmware so that it can also be used on a LOR network.
  6. my Home Depot and Lowes said, "SP-what"?
  7. A song from a german band called "The BossHoss". Have fun while watching it.
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