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  1. Though the above is possibly better/easier than the portable hole, I prefer my approach. Several years ago when first starting off, I was planning on using a portable hole for my mega tree base. However, I was worried about storing the portable hole, and figured it would kill the grass during the winter. Plus seemed like more work than was necessary. Therefore, instead I went with using a T-shaped 6' fence post to anchor the pole (about $7 at Lowes/HD). Drive it about 2' into the ground (can use a level to ensure you are driving it in straight if desired). The fence post is very rigid, so you can tap it in with a sledge, and it would go through small roots easily. I don't think you could bend it if you tried. The post is T shaped, so the mega-tree pole rests nicely in one of the sides of the T. I used 3 or 4 hose clamps to attach the tree pole to the fence post. That way you could tighten them nicely. Since the T-Post has studs on the one edge, there was no way that the clamps were going to slide (not that they could since you can screw them pretty tight). Therefore about 4' of your mega tree pole is supported. I can't envision a scenario that could even cause the tree to come down. My 20' tree (mega tree/Spiral tree combo with 104 stings of lights) doesn't budge a bit. Multiple times in the past 5 years it has sustained 60mph gusts in storms without any visible movement. Some years the ground is just soggy and some years it nearly freezes -- doesn't make a difference. Always seems just a secure by the end of season as it was the first day of installation. The tree pole is guyed in the middle and from the top (with green vinyl coated wire clothesline -- few bucks at Walmart), just to keep the 20' pole from bending. Use dog ground anchors to secure my guy wires. Easy to install, and easy to take down and store. No permanent hole/concrete in the ground. And much cheaper. Keep it simple...
  2. I'm sure Dan chimed in simply because he is notified every time a person is suspended and/or a message hidden. That way none of the users can claim that the moderating team is 'playing favorites' or otherwise doing things underhandedly/unfairly/whatever. Well.... There are some users that will ALWAYS claim that, but they would be wrong
  3. And to quote Scrooge " I don't deserve to be so happy"!!!!
  4. OK Ron.. Calling you out..J/K No like button So: "LOVE" what Dan is saying.... Haha Dan, Thanks for the update and I am looking forward to this relief on the 40K plus channels.
  5. Dan, No "Like" button on your post. So, "LIKE" Thank you for the update.
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