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  1. Attend Christmas Expo this year! You'll get all of the info and more there. Visit www.christmasexpo.com for details.
  2. We now have 2 new frames. The first one is called "Funny Reindeer". He is 4 foot tall. The second one is called the "Zapper". He is 4 feet tall. You put a sign beside him with the words "Keep Out, High Voltage" and then light him up with rope light strung between his hands. I need to get some better pictures, but you can see what they will look like and can be ordered with white or black powder coating. They can be ordered by going to http://www.wireframedlites.com/new.shtml
  3. OK.. THAT is just wrong! I watched that last night and just this morning was able to pick my tongue up off the floor. All that lint and dust.. tasted terrible.. Cat walked on it several times.. @$#@# fur ball... Wife complained about drool all over the place.. skid marks on the bottom where I had to walk around dragging it behind me..... Wrong I tell you!!! Just wrong!!! (BECAUSE IT IS NOT MY HOUSE!)
  4. It's there, perhaps the link expired. Heres a "new" one: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vmfzz76lapfhhh5/LOR2DMX.jar Let me know if that does not work and I'll get it moved to my website.
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