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  1. The software is not A.I. so you have to point the way up. But once it knows, then it takes over and does its thing. I am not going to do it this year, but have already been playing around with this and its the easiest way to do this. One string of pixels per port or connector on the controller board.
  2. The easiest option is the one Ron stated (and the way I am doing it). Put each leg on it's own port on the controller. For your 12 strand tree, you would use 12 ports. Then each strand connects directly to the controller at the bottom of the tree and can be configured very simply. Also, with only 50 pixels per port, you will not need PI. I have (or I should say I have ordered them and am waiting for them to ship) the exact same pixels you mention...16 strings of 12v WS2811 square pixels. I am also getting an E682 (16 ports) and a 350W power supply with enclosure...this should make a solid combination. I am doing a 180 12 strand megatree + 4 arches. To answer your question on the zigzag (if you go that way) and if you do it at the controller. If your controller is programmed similarly to the E682, you program the zigzag at the controller. The controller handles the reversal of the zigs so you don't have to.This means in Nutcracker, SS, or S3, you treat the strings as if they were all oriented the same direction. Ron suggests leaving the controller alone and programming the zigs into the software so that the software matches the physical orientation of the strings. It is all a matter of preference. I would prefer do it at the controller, that way I only have to do it once. If I did it in software, I would have to do it 3 times, once each in Nutcracker, SS, and S3. I prefer to be able to treat the strings as if they were all oriented similarly in the software. Just remember...only do it at one end, either the controller or the software, not both. Otherwise one will undo the other. I'm sure your controller manual has a good writeup on how to program this...I know the E682 manual does. -Paul
  3. Just remember if you zigzag on the controller, and you zigzag in the software, you'll get ZZZAAAGGGIIITTTYYY ZZZIIIGGGIIITTTYYY. In other words all kinds of jibberish on the strings. If you're going to run 150 pixels from each output, as explained above, Up 50, down 50 and up 50 again. Power inject at the bottom of string 3. UNLESS, you're going to be using the P12 for something else and the tree, the easiest way is to configure each output to 50 pixels and run all 12 from the bottom up. No worries about zigzag or power injection. All of your data and power will come from the board. I did a 16 leg tree the same way this passed year using an E682 with no power injection. I had 16 outputs, 16 pixel strings of 50 pixels and used a 350W, 60 amp PS. I also powered another basic controller for the star from the same power supply. The star had 270 basic nodes in it. Zero problems. All nodes, Pixels and Basic, were 5v Some folks like to do the zigzag option at the controller level, but if you're using Superstar and Nutcracker, when you set up your elements in the visualizer, you can tell it how it's set up. I like the software setup myself. That way when I sequence, it's applying the effects to the tree and how it's set up in the software. I set mine up in the software, exactly like it will be when I erect it in the yard during October
  4. KStatefan and Dennis, yea, I'm not sure what I was doing when I said the ActiDongle was a controller. In my head I knew what I was trying to say, but after reading what I typed - not what I had in my head!!! The lesson here boys and girls: If it's late, your at work, tired and periodically are afflicted with rectal-cranial-inversion syndrome - wait until you get some sleep before you put something in writing!
  5. http://www.planetchristmas.com/signatures/
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