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  1. If you have an old computer and display, put up a power point presentation with the frequency and put the display in a window.
  2. What I said to him was that I have one, but not currently using it because I didn't want to violate the rules. I know they allow them for small time displays like this, but I doubt one that reaches 15 miles away would meet that specification..
  3. Try and find a small mom and pop sign store. I got my sign this year for $15.00, It may not be the best sign, but it tells folks what station to turn to. It's a simple coro sign with plastic lettering they cut from some type of machine. They would even toss in the stakes for free, but I didn't need them as I was screwing the sign to the side of my house next to the street lamp {that I wish wasn't there, but does save me a spot light LOL} that illuminates it nicely.
  4. The one thing I see missing here is the following: WARNING! You may lose touch with friends family and loved ones over this hobby. Sequencing, soldering and Songs can have you married to your computer and light show. LOL
  5. I use a short (1.5 ft) cat5 cable from the controller to a coupler that is firmly zip tied to the stand outside the controller, then connect the longer cable to the other end of the coupler. That way if it gets pulled or vandalized, the 2$ coupler will get the damage and not the controller. tj
  6. Put an animation sequence with just the lights you want to keep on in the background tab of your show in the show editor.
  7. I only put the lights around my shutters but it could just as well go around the window too. I just use 1/2 inch PVC pipe and what seemed like a million wire ties. I’ve made clips that wrap around the pipe and also clip behind the shutters but large wire ties looped through the shutters and around the pipe work well also. Here's a thousand words in a few pictures.
  8. Geoff Harvey wrote: Geoff, I'm trying to make sense of what you are teaching us, but I don't think I get it. Maybe I just need more time sequencing to understand.
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