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  1. zeighty

    How to start?

    Dave, I am 100% LED and have about 20-25 strings of GE lights purchased from Target. The other 60 strings are all from Holiday-LED Express. They offer a no questions asked 1 year return and all of their strings are sealed and full wave rectified. They are significantly brighter than my other strings. Buy in January. The cost will be less. You will have wait for summer delivery on most strings but it should be worth it.
  2. It was not that kind of problems with power.. I had one controller that I did not have a big enough power supply to drive the lights and that was my biggest problem, but now solved. When it rains that hard, I don't even turn on the lights. I tarp the props and go inside and drink coffee. We have one more possible night of rain on Friday and after that, they are saying nothing but sunshine and cool nights.
  3. Tracy I tried these this year in all the empty 110 volt plug openings, so far with the rains we have had I have had zero GFI trips..Mommy's Helper Outlet Plugs Do a google search for them, I got from amazon.
  4. Odessa needed the rain but time to video........Hope weather holds...Good Luck
  5. scubado

    How to start?

    The pre sales in January is the best time and best prices on high quality full wave lights.
  6. etherealone

    How to start?

    Others have given you really good "starter" tips...let me add: "You get what you pay for"....some folk are steadfast believers in using off the shelf lights and such...I still have lots of things in my display that indeed were bought at a local big box store of some sort (Wally world, Garden Ridge, Hobby Lobby, HD or Lowes, etc.)....But I very quickly realized that if you have failures or have to worry about half wave versus full wave LEDs, then what am I really saving? Buy good lights...design your show early and work with the vendors out there...most of them put their orders for the year way back in January, with delivery sometime in the early summer months. Will you spend more per string...yep. Will you see the difference in quality as well as most lights having at least a one year warranty...yep. Another tip: simply remember that there is no wrong or right way to do something..thats the beauty of this hobby...dont be afraid to ask questions and to crib from others...get creative...think outside the box. Lastly, and I would say most importantly strive to "find your displays voice". By this I just mean that every house and display is different...its not about the channel counts...I have seen absolutely garish houses with extreme channel counts that cant hold a candle to a tightly done, well orchestrated 48 channel show...dont over extend in a rush to just add elements...be measured and thoughtful in your approach to design....find the proper look and feel for YOUR display...if you can find that "voice" and let it shine, then you will truly have a display that is both unique and amazing!
  7. I ran 7 controllers last year on 1, 20 amp circuit, and, a 5 ft^3 freezer with no problems whatsoever. I built a box with 8 receptacles and 2 pigtails. Plugged the 2 pigtails into the outside circuit, and then ran the extension cords for the controllers from there. If you're using LEDs, you will have zero problems with 1 circuit. No need for upgrading. Get you one of these: http://www.amazon.com/P3-International-P4400-Electricity-Monitor/dp/B00009MDBU Hook up a controlles with all channels on at 100% and see how many amps you're pulling. Mine last year was roughly 0.7 amps per controller. I had 1 string of 70 ct LEDs on each channel
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