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  1. I actually started working on my Halloween display in January when I decided to try integrating DMX into my display this year. Today I spent a solid non-stop 10 hours putting my Halloween display together. At the end of the day I was cold, hungry, and my back was tired, but I forgot all of that as soon as the lights came on. The neighbors came out to watch and we sat back and enjoyed a cold pumpkin beer. Life doesn't get much better than that!
  2. Orville

    Blow'n fuses

    Glad I could help you out with your issue Joe. And that it was a simple and inexpensive repair, as opposed to a controller issue. As for spelling, I never worry about how others spell, there are so many diverse folks on the forums and some folks may not be as adept at English as others, and I can usually figure out what they mean, if not, I ask! Just glad you were able to correct the problem and get your show up and operating!
  3. Orville

    SPT-2 Wire

    I do the same as Jerry. Been working for me for years in rainy {no snow here} Florida. Also works if you have sprinkler systems, just keep the female ends POINTING DOWN so they can drain if water does happen to get inside. However, I do CAP all pass through {female side} plugs and female ends with Child Protective Outlet Covers. These have also kept my female outlets both clean and dry. Before I started using them over 3 years ago, I found dirt and debris inside the female outlets. Do not use electrical tape or any type of tape to cover any connections, they should be in the stake off the ground, but any open female pass-through plugs or female ends on a light strand can be plugged with the plastic child proof electrical outlet caps, making them even more weatherproof. They look like a flat male plastic plug and just insert snugly into the female plugs. I also paint the backs of mine flat black as they are a white plastic and very fluorescent when light hits them, so this helps keep them inconspicuous. These are the ones I use: http://www.walmart.com/ip/GE-Outlet-Safety-Covers-Clear/16561524 BTW: The review on the page url I gave above is one I posted there as well.
  4. It shouldn't be a problem. Make sure you plug your controllers into GFCI outlets, and keep the connections up off the ground. I just got some light stakes and use these to keep mine up off the ground. I've never had any trouble with them, even when they were covered with snow, or during a heavy rain. Do not attempt to seal your connections. What usually happens is water manages to find a way in, but can't get back out. Jerry
  5. My EDM-LCD-CS-EP arrived in the mail today, and as requested, here are my observations. The transmitter arrived as a complete package, safely shipped, and included both a 1/4 wave wired, and a rubber duck antenna. It was completely soldered up and mounted in the metal housing - ready to go with the exception of the power connector which comes as a separate part which requires soldering. ?? Three simple solder joints later (5min tops) and I was up from the basement on my kitchen table hooking it up my iPod. The transmitter was crystal clear on just the rubber duck which is a shorter range antenna. I left the transmitter right where it was, antenna horizontal against the table, and went 13 houses down my block before the signal showed signs of degrading. This transmitter is excellent. I don't even need to set the optimum conditions for transmission such as ensuring that its on the second floor or even near the front of the house to ensure good signal from all line-of-site vantage points. My kitchen is on the back of the house and penetrated my brick with no trouble at all. I purchased a whole house transmitter early this spring and was sorely disappointed. This transmitter beats that on hands down in my opinion. The craftsmanship looks excellent. My only recommendation is make sure you have an audio adapter cable on hand when it arrives so you can immediately fire it up. It uses stereo RCA inputs and you'll likely need the male 3.5mm stereo jack on the other cable end in order to connect it to your computer. You'll also want to check the website http://www.radio-locator.com/cgi-bin/vacant?select=city&city=46123&state=&x=0&y=0 to make sure you have a clear channel for your location to avoid interference. I am much more confident now that our visitors will have an enjoyable show since I traded out transmitters. If the sound is crappy, it will undermine all your hard work with the lights. Good Luck.
  6. I found a great deal on the Whole House model a couple of months ago and was sorely disappointed in my first test of the device. I then saw Earle's recommendation to another enthusiast a few weeks ago and took his sage advice to go with EDM. I checked around and these have quite a positive reputation. I too was concerned about which model. Reeling from disappointment on the other transmitter, I was inclined to buy the more expensive pro model to make sure I would be satisfied over the long term, but I contacted EDM for a specific model recommendation and they told me that the pro model was overkill for an exterior lumination application so I settled on the EDM-LCD-CS-EP because I also wanted the protective enclosure. I asked about an upgraded antenna and again, rather than to try to upsell me and squeeze me for maximum profit, they said the test antenna that comes with the device would be more than adequate for my needs. My EDM radio is due any day now. I can advise when it arrives if you're interested.
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