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  1. PMC

    The Reason Why I Do This

    Thanks Doug, I know the power of God and I know he is watching out for our son, and in my prayers all I ask is for my son to grow up normal. but to share what a day is like just today alone, at 8:30am we had a checkup with the Oncologist (Michael would ask us if this was going to be a bad news day) then at 10:00am there was a radiation treatment (all our hope for our son is with this Dr. he said he can put this tumor in remission) now at 2:00pm my son is at the physical therapist working on his right hand to get it back to normal, The symptoms my son had were not pain, but he said his right hand was feeling heavy, so we took him to his Dr. and she sent us to Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh, that was a month ago today. before the surgery to remove 80% of the tumor my son lost the ability to walk normally his right leg would give out on him, and he couldn't control his right arm/ hand, after the surgery he was able to move his right leg just a little bit and his arm move the same, just a little but the surgeon was pleased Now almost a month after the surgery, he doesn't need his wheel chair, today was the first day he walked into the hospital and he walks almost as good as he did before this nightmare started and his right arm is 75% normal Michael gets radiation for 33 treatments, we are on treatment number 8 after this there is no more radiation, in a few months there will be another MRI to confirm that his tumor is shrinking, and he takes oral chemotherapy for 42 days then for 5 days a month after that for the rest of his life And as for my light show for Christmas, I'm thinking of building a RGB Mega-Tree, I think Michael will like that Again I want to thank all of you for your kind words and prayers, words cannot express our feelings strong enough
  2. missieod

    Newbie Family Controller Fund

    Good luck to everyone this year! I was awarded a software upgrade scholarship in 2012 and am very grateful to all the donors. I know with this years fund, a whole bunch of you will feel the same joy and happiness my family felt when your first LOR show starts running.
  3. pikadroo

    Haven't done a thing

    Well, this sounds like me... No plans to do anything this year cuz some house buying and selling and moving around is going on. It feels REALLY good not thinking about Christmas lights. I am in that weird mental domain where I think it's been fun, and I may really be done for good... it feels really, really, really good... like drinking lemonade and jumping into a deep pool of water good. =D YUM! Drew
  4. Ken Benedict

    My new prop; 10 x 25 Pixburst

    Looks excellent. Nice job programming. I'm busy programming an 8 arm version with 10 pixels per arm using 2811 strips and a DMX controller. Each arm is 1 meter long with a 12 inch center that I gotta fill with something. It's on the top of a 1 inch square steel tube so the whole thing's about 13 feet tall. Fun times.
  5. olracs

    christmas vacation sequence

    I have one that I made, at if you like you can download free using http://www.clipconverter.cc/, I use it all the time, Love It, hope this helps!
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