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  1. https://vimeo.com/63897721 Better late then never.
  2. k6ccc

    Timing Difference

    200mSec would be hugely noticeable! 50mSec is enough to be noticeable, although most people might not realize why it sounds wrong.
  3. Max-Paul

    How to acquire thousands of lights and not go broke?

    Had a laugh when I first read the title to your thread. My first thought was that you need to find a rich cougar or if so inclined a sugar daddy. But with all joking aside. You might also check out CDI. They will be having a July sale so an email a week ago told me. But one thing to keep in mind. CDI only sells by the case (usually 12 strings per case).
  4. plasmadrive

    Rare Mini Trees

    Well......... I tried.. but she wants to keep them for at least another year or so. She likes em... Turns out I have 60 trees.. James.. I think you are correct.. somewhere between those two..
  5. Melvin Stoddard

    Christmas on the Farm 2012

    Great show , I love it. Your video adds a lot, but just your lights are super . The ending is really cool.
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