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  1. https://vimeo.com/63897721 Better late then never.
  2. 200mSec would be hugely noticeable! 50mSec is enough to be noticeable, although most people might not realize why it sounds wrong.
  3. Had a laugh when I first read the title to your thread. My first thought was that you need to find a rich cougar or if so inclined a sugar daddy. But with all joking aside. You might also check out CDI. They will be having a July sale so an email a week ago told me. But one thing to keep in mind. CDI only sells by the case (usually 12 strings per case).
  4. Well......... I tried.. but she wants to keep them for at least another year or so. She likes em... Turns out I have 60 trees.. James.. I think you are correct.. somewhere between those two..
  5. Great show , I love it. Your video adds a lot, but just your lights are super . The ending is really cool.
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