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  1. Dennis Cherry

    Astounding Failure of Blue LED strings

    Yes, some blue LED strings are having excessive failures. This is not a saying all Blue LED's strings are bad, but seems the quality of whoever had these string made did have a quality problem. I myself had about 30 strings of Blue LED strings given to me from a local dealer and all I did was keep repairing them, Fixed a string and plugged it in and after a while it would have have another failure(s) somewhere on the string. Now being very stubborn, I had to try to find out why and how to fix it. Finally after much testing and verification I can say my strings where being over powered and drawing way too much current for the BLUE LED's used on these light strings. What may be the main cause is we demand brighter lights and the manufactures are pushing the envelope on what Blue LED's can handle. I do have a fix and will be writing up my findings soon. I do understand LED theory.
  2. 75redman

    I was gonna make a Christmas T-shirt, but...

    My son, who now is in 3rd grade, a couple of years ago when he was in first grade asked me," When it was going to be naked day at school?" They had been dressing up a different theme everyday that week at school. After I wiped the surprised look off my face and stopped laughing , I told him that isn't until you get to college!!
  3. james campbell

    LOR saved my credit

    using credit cards online is really getting bad. I have used paypal for long as I can remember.One thing we also do is use prepaid cards online and so far no issues with either.as Jim said thanks to you and all the folks in the armed forces!!!!
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